Pocket Satellite @ The Enterprise 23rd August 2011

This night was billed as Pocket Satellite’s send off gig. The band were embarking on a Euro Tour a couple of days later. Every lover of Folk/ Pop music should go and witness them. This band consisted of Maya Zosmer, Carl Haag, Richard Falk and siblings Ruth and Tom Dixon. The 10 song set featured songs from 2nd EP Paper Aviator, a couple of new ones and 2 cover songs. “We’re Pocket Satellite if anyone doesn’t know” Carl said to the intimate crowd before they launched into slow song Leave Your Metro. Tom was on glockenspiel for this song and Ruth was on cello. The vocals were beautiful and the infusion of guitar, cello and glockenspiel worked wonders. “So we’re going on tour, and that’s why we’re here” Carl said before saying that they had to fill a 2 hour set. Next on the night was Toothpaste which was a song by Norwegian band Harrys Gym. “So we’re going to practise on you now” Maya then went onto say. I haven’t heard the original but Pocket Satellite’s take on this song was fantastic. The song itself went down a treat. Up next was the whimsical Rocks In Shoes. At this point it was boiling and Carl went onto say that Maya fixed his guitar strap with string (it broke the previous day at the Sheffield gig). This song was delivered to perfection and there is something about it that makes this it so hypnotic. At the same time it’s also gentle, soothing and mellowing. It is by far my favourite Pocket Satellite song. “Thankyou so much” a humble Maya said before launching into a brand new song. Carl mentions that he had been outvoted as he wanted to call this song Steve. Well Not From This Town is one amazing song and Maya is on vocals for this one. This new song makes me very excited about the prospect of a brand new EP. It was then onto fun song Windows. This upbeat song was sung by both Carl and Maya. Even though this song is slightly cheesy it is extremely catchy at the same time. The wonderful Parachutes followed on. “My brother lent us this keyboard and it’s whats causing problems” Maya then said to the audiece. What stole this song was the entrancing keyboard introduction by Ruth which sounded entrancing, soothing and mellowing. This again is another soft and gentle song with wonderful lyrics plus there was glockenspeil as well. “I should probably write a script, it will be less embarrassing” Hagg said before the debut EPs title track Toy Train. This powerful song was delivered to complete perfection. Both Haag’s and Zosmer’s vocals compliment one another perfectly. The penultimate song on the night was another cover and this being Four Bulbs by Admiral Fallow. This song was delivered perfectly Carl had said before he may forget the words but this didn’t happen. Ending this incredible set was another new one called Pixelated Views. “It’s about a computer game character thats got stuck in his computer game” Maya then said before launching into the song. This song was very upbeat and the majority is sung by Zosmer with the rest of the band harmonising. Also when the song is approaching the end Maya swaps postitions with Tom and showed off her drum skills. A encore was to be expected and this being the rip roaring Man On A Boat. Now this song just oozed plenty of energy and it was plain to see that the band were having fun singing this song. This song was delivered strongly plus they stormed through this song which resulted it being over in a flash.


Leave Your Metro
Rocks In Shoes
Not In This Town
Toy Train
Four Bulbs
Pixelated Views


Man On A Boat

OVERALL: Not only were Pocket Satellite were amazing but the support Twisted Harmony and Polly Tones were incredible. Definately keep a eye out for them as I can see promising futures for both bands. There may of been technical difficulties throughout the Pocket Satellite set but it looked as if that did not matter as everyone was enjoying the evening.


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