V Festival: Day 2 @ Hylands Park 21st August 2011

The second day at V was the one I was most looking forward to. I had expected crowds around the entrance but this wasn’t to be the case. Comparing this day to the previous it was alot more laid back. So the gates opened at 11am and people then started to filter through. My first stop was either to see Charlie Simpson over at The Arena or Imelda May over at the Main Stage. I decided that I would go and see Imelda that then resulted in myself running to the Main Stage. How I managed to run all that way and get to the barrier I do not know. I was then left with a decision should I stay at the barrier all day? As much as I would of liked to been at the barrier for Eminem and Rihanna I decided if I lasted till the Manic Street Preachers had finished I would be happy. The afternoon started with an amazing 9 song set by Imelda May. Dublin born Imelda is signed to Decca Records and the style of music she sings in Rockabilly with a tinge of Blues. The set comprimised of songs from current album Mayhem, a couple from 2nd album Love Tattoo plus 2 covers. From what was sung picked up on a 1950’s vibe and it also reminded me of Kitty, Daisy and Lewis. May kicked off with Mayhem’s opening track and this being Pulling The Rug. It was Love Tattoo that I fell in love with straight away. The chorus is fantastic and infectious at the same time. “Thankyou, Hello V Festival. Do you want to hear some Rockabilly?” Imelda said before launching into a unique take on the Johnny Burnette song Train Kept Rollin’. This Burnette song had influenced both May and the rest of the band. She definately made this song her own. “Excuse me for not wearing my good high heels today, but I sprained me ankle last week” May said before launching into Mayhem track Inside Out. This was the remixed version which you could only download. Once over it was onto Psycho which was delivered to perfection. “Thankyou, this next song is our new single” May said before lauching into Roadrunner. This doesn’t feature on the album but it does feature on the expanded version of Mayhem that is released on September 12th. This song is completely different when compared to material from the current album Mayhem. Roadrunner is very upbeat plus it went down well with the crowd. Imelda then got stuck into the albums title track Mayhem. “Thanks very much for being a great audience” Imelda said before singing penultimate song Johnny Got A Boom Boom. This was slightly uptempo plus it oozed plenty of energy. The set closed with another outstanding cover this being Soft Cell’s Tainted Love. Now this version of this song is unique and incredible. It also features on the album Mayhem.


Pulling The Rug
Love Tattoo
Train Kept A Rollin
Inside Out (Remix)
Johnny Got A Boom Boom
Tainted Love

With a massive back catalogue of songs the prospect of seeing Squeeze live was pretty exciting. Some of the songs remind me of my childhood. Even thogh I was born in 1984 I can remember songs such as Up The Junction, Cool For Cats and Pulling Mussels (From The Shell). This set was quite nostalgic as the 11 songs were delivered to complete perfection. Squeeze are a band whom I would love to see perform at their own headline gig. This line-up consited of Difford/Tilbrook/Bentley/Large/Hanson. Opening up the set was Black Coffee In Bed which was taken from the Sweets From A Stranger CD. It is shocking that this epic song only reached #51 in the UK singles chart when it was released in 1982. This song was followed up by the wonderful Is That Love? Taken from the East Side Story CD this fantastic song only reached #35 in 1981. Hourglass was next and this song was uptempo and I loved the bridge. Taken from Babylon and On this single only reached #16 back in 1987. The mellowing Goodbye Girl was up next. This was taken from the bands 2nd CD Cool For Cats and only reached #63 back in 1978. Another Nail In My Heart followed on and Tempted was played straight after. I loved the chorus of this song. Squeeze’s debut single was next and this being the 1978 release Take Me, I’m Yours. Again this song was played straight after Tempted was over. Pulling Mussels (From The Shell) may of only reached #44 back in 1980 but it is instantly recognisable as soon as the chorus kicks in. Squeeze left their best songs till last Chris Difford sang Cool For Cats which sounded fantastic live. The penultimate song being the energetic Slap & Tickle. The final song was infused to the ending of Slap & Tickle and you knew what it was going to be. This song being Up The Junction which closed a fatastic trip down memory lane. I really enjoyed this set and they are a band I have to see live again.


Black Coffee In Bed
Is That Love?
Goodbye Girl
Another Nail In My Heart
Take Me I’m Yours
Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)
Cool For Cats
Slap & Tickle
Up The Junction

After a bit of nostagia from Squeeze it was time for Ellie Goulding. This was to be the penultimate festival appearance. Kicking off the set was the infectious Under The Sheets. The introduction to this song was amazing. Under The Sheets was delivered to pure pefection and it’s so contagious. I even found myself singing along to the song. “Hello everyone” Goulding said before launching into the wonderful This Love (Will Be Your Downfall). This uptempo and infectious as well. The chorus was delivered strongly and was my favourite part of this song. “Thanks so much how you doing?” Ellie said to the audience before delivering crowd pleasing Everytime You Go. Everyone participated with the oh oh ohs at the beginning. Well this song was fantastic and the uptempo chorus was fantastic. It was clear to see Ellie was putting every ounce of energy into the song. “Your a lovely bunch” Goulding said after the chants. Next song of the set was Guns & Horses. Now I really love this song but it isn’t the strongest when compared to the other songs that feature on Lights. Your Song was next and I loved her take on this Elton John classic. It was a real crowd pleaser as everyone was singing along. This beautiful ballad was sung to perfection and reminds me of Christmas (it featured in the John Lewis adverts). It was then onto The Writer which is about not changing for anyone. This slushy ballad was really beautiful. “This next song I want to see some hip shaking” Goulding said before launching into Salt Skin which is about running away from someone. This is such an epic song. Straight after it was then into the albums title track Lights. Originally this song only featured on the iTunes version of the debut album. “This next song is called Animal, please dance” Goulding said before singing Bright Lights song Animal. This was delivered perfectly and it had a powerful chorus. This song does get you moving as the beat was amazing. “This is our final song, have fun” Goulding said before getting stuck into a spectacular performance of Starry Eyed. This song is extremely infectious plus it oozed energy. Overall this was a spectacular performance by Ellie Goulding I am looking forward to the follow up CD.


Under The Sheets
This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
Everytime You Go
Guns & Horses
Your Song
The Writer
Salt Skin
Starry Eyed

Once Ellie had delivered her superb set I then decided to get pulled out of the crowd. There was no way I would of lasted because it was getting rather claustrophobic. I had no foot space whatsoever. My plan was to watch Manic Street Preachers but as I decided to get pulled out I chose to go and see another band. This being Good Charlotte at the 4Music Stage. I have been a fan of this band ever since the 2nd abulm Young & Hopeless, so it was nice to see them play in the flesh. Even though they have a brand new album Cardiology out, only 1 song from that album featured in the set. Introduction To Cardiology served as the intro. “You guys ready” Benji Madden said before launching into Young & Hopeless track The Anthem. Now this song really is a anthem everyone was singing along and jumping about. Up next was Girls & Boys. This song was rather energetic and a real crowd pleaser. Yes there was lots of jumping and pushing. When the set gradually progressed I found myself nearer to the front. Straight after it was into Keep Your Hands Off My Girl. The song was taken from the Good Morning Revival album and I would say this release is my favourite. Straight after Benji mentioned that the Chelmsford crowd were kicking the Weston Park crowd asses. Like It’s Her Birthday was next and this was a fantastic song. It was then onto another Good Morning Revival track and this being my favourite The River. The chorus was amazing and delivered with power and oozed plenty of energy.  “Put up your hands and say I Don’t Wanna Be In Love” Benji said to the crowd before launching into Dance Floor Anthem. There was plenty of clapping at the beginning and lots of pointing during the chorus. The penultimate song started straight away and this being I Don’t Wanna Live which was a crowd pleaser. Capping off the set was the one song everyone expected this being Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous. Everyone sang along and again there was plenty of jumping about to this energeic song. “Listen guys have a good day” Benji said as they made their exit.


Introduction To Cardiology
The Anthem
Girls And Boys
Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
Like It’s Her Birthday
The River
Dance Floor Anthem
I Just Wanna Live
Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous

Once Good Charlotte had finished I decided to stay at the 4Music Stage as I managed to get to the barrier. The reason I chose to watch the set by N Dubz was purely because it may well be the last time they perform as a band (Tulisa is now a judge on X Factor and Dappy has gone solo). Prior to them coming on stage there were alot of things thrown. I myself got hit with a spray can. “Hands Up” Dappy said before the bad launched into Love Live Life track Took It All Away. Now I am not a huge N Dubz fan but the atmosphere was electric. Dappy’s rapping skills were fantastic while Tulisa’s vocals were beautiful and gentle. “I tell you what we’re going to do is go straight back into a classic” Dappy said before they delivered crowd pleasing song Strong Again. The chorus to this song was amazing. “Thankyou V Fest” Tulisa said before Playing With Fire. I loved the chorus because is was very uptempo. Girls followed on and the beat to this song was fantastic. Dappy then performed a segment of Toot It & Boot It. Next it was onto something very special this being Black Eyed Peas cover Meet Me Halfway. Their twist on this song was incredible. Spaceship was next, both Fazer and Dappy sang this song. The verses to this song were brilliant. After plenty of cheers it was onto the next song. “Who wants to come backstage and get drunk with N Dubz” Dappy said to the crowd. Love Live Life was the song and this is the title of the current album. The whole crowd from front to back were having an amazing time. “Lets have some fun on this one” Fazer said before Morning Star.  This song oozed energy and the atmosphere was electric. The penultimate song being Number One which they sang with Tinchy Stryder. It went down well with the crowd and was plenty of singing along. Ending the set was Best Behaviour. Fazer was on the piano for this one while Tulisa and Dappy shared the vocals.


Took It Away
Strong Again
Playing With Fire
Toot It & Boot It
Meet Me Halfway
Love Live Life
Morning Star
Number 1
Best Behaviour

Straight after N Dubz finished it was then a run to the Under Cover tent. Fenech Soler was playing but I wanted to see The Pierces after. Jush hearing some tracks by Fenech Soler I can say he wasn’t to my taste. Yet the tent was packed. Once Fenech Soler had finished the tent literally emptied. I was able to get to the barrier which was good. By the time The Pierces were on the stage there was a decent audience. Both Catherine and Allison lauched into Love You More.The majority is sung by Catherine with Allison providing the harmonies. Catherine just belted out this song and it sounded incredible. I liked the opening chords of the guitar just as the song starts. “Thankyou” Catherine said before It Will Not Be Forgotten. This song sounded really beautiful. Also the harmonising between the sisters was amazing and spot on. This was a gentle folk song which was perfectly sung plus the lyrics were fantastic. “Are you all having a good time” Catherine said this was the last show of a very long tour. The next song was Drag You Down. Again their vocals gel together which results in a fantastic track. The lyrics were fantastic and I especially liked the opening verse. It was then into the powerful Kissing You Goodbye straight away. There was so much energy put into this song. Allison then gavethenid the introduction for the beautiful We Are Stars. This song was lovely, very light and smooth as well. I loved the lyrics especially the chorus. After plenty of cheers it was then onto the 1, 2, 3 song or as it’s known You’ll Be Mine. This song was very uptempo and uplifting at the same time. “It feels really good to look out and see you guys singing our songs” Catherine then went onto say. The penultimate song being the rip roaring Sticks And Stones. This featured on the last album Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge. It’s a infectious song and has a the chorus has a furious pace. The wonderful set ended with Allison losing her voice. Catherine then introduced the band and crew then got stuck into Glorious which was delivered to perfetion.


Love You More
It Will Not Be Forgotten
Drag You Down
Kissing You Goodbye
We Are Stars
You’ll Be Mine
Sticks And Stones

Once over I made my way over to the Main Stage. It was packed and there was no way I would get anywhere near the front. Ashame that Duran Duran because seeing them play live would be something. Still I was at the Main Stage to see Rihanna and Eminem. Now I was right at the back so the stage was tiny. Yes the two huge monitors made me see something. The set delivered by Rihanna was packed with her greatest hits plus a couple of tracks from current album Loud and a Bob Marley cover. Overall I really enjoyed the performance it makes me want to listen to Rihanna’s whole back catalogue


Only Girl (In The World)
Shut Up And Drive
Man Down
S & M
Raining Men
Run This Town/ Live Your Life
Pon De Replay (Interlude)
What’s My Name?
Rude Boy
Cheers (Drink To That)
Don’t Stop The Music
Redemption Song

Just seeing Eminem play was quite surreal. Maybe this was down to the fact he hasn’t toured the UK for quite a while. The set Eminem peformed was quite a spectacle. Opening up was a video saying we were about to witness Eminem’s Recovery. There were songs from every album played and this wasn’ t just singles it was album tracks as well. Joining Eminem onstage during the 26 song set were Royce Da 5’9 (whom appears on the Bad Meets Evil: Hell The Sequel record) for Fast Lane and Lighters, D12 for Fight Music and Purple Pills and Rihanna for Love The Way You Lie. Also featured was Airplanes Pt II, I Need A Doctor and Stan which involved Skylar Grey and a a mash up of My Name Is, The Real Slim Shady and Without Me. Capping things off was Lose Yourself which served as the encore. At this time people were leaving probably to beat the hoardes of people exiting the venue. I really enjoyed Eminem’s performance and I would love to see him perform again at the front but the probability of him coming back to the UK is pretty slim.


Won’t Back Down
3 a.m.
Square Dance
Kill You
No Love
So Bad
Cleanin’ Out My Closet
The Way I Am
Fight Music
Purple Pills
Fast Lane
Airplanes, Part II
Sing For The Moment
Like Toy Soldiers
Space Bound
Till I Collapse
Cinderella Man
Love The Way You Lie
I Need A Doctor
My Name Is / The Real Slim Shady / Without Me
Not Afraid


Lose Yourself


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