Slow Club @ The Wheelbarrow 16th August 2011

The moment I saw that Slow Club were going to be the special guests at The Wheelbarrow, I knew that I wanted to attend this special night. Slow Club are one of my many favourite bands out there and I have been following their career since 2008. The riots of last week had calmed down and that meant it was safe to venture into London. Unfortunately the set at Notting Hill Arts Club last Thursday I had to miss because of these riots. When I received the email saying that they would be playing it mentioned it would be busy. So I turned up 30 minutes before the doors opened and still I was the first one there. Looking back on it I could of turned up at 8pm and still got to the front. But when it is a band whom you adore you can’t take risks. It was then an agonising 3 hour wait until Charles and Rebecca took to the stage. There was support on the night and this came from Louise & The Pins. I previously saw this three piece when they were known as The Pins when they supported Laura Marling on her UK tour last year. This band comprimised of Louise Hull, Bethan Gorman and Sara Templeman. This short but sweet 7 song set was rather pleasent. The style of the music they played on the night was acoustic folk which sounded amazing. They reminded me of The Langely Sisters. The main vocalist is Louise Hull and both Bethan Gorman and Sara Templeman provide the outstanding harmonies. There is a 1950’s vibe to their music and it sounds fantastic. Debut single Melancholy/Beauty Strange is released on 5 September by Chess Club.

It was around 9.30 when Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor took to the stage. At this time the pub was rammed packed. The majority of the set was a showcase of material from the forthcoming album Paradise with a couple of oldies added in for good measure. Kicking things off was Gold Mountain which Charles mainly sings with Rebecca adding the harmonies. This song is slow paced and is extremely beautiful. It was then into the powerful and infectious Where I’m Waking. At this time the band multiplied. The verses were shared between Charles and Rebecca. The chorus to When I’m Waking was fantastic. It was then straight into the first oldie of the night. This being the last track on debut album Yeah So. Our Most Brilliant Friends was delivered strongly and is fast flowing at the same time. “Thanks, is everyone alright” Taylor said to the intimate audience. “We’re going to play a new song from our new album that’s out almost nearly now” Rebecca went onto say before introducing the next song Never Look Back. This was a nice song, very gentle plus there is a slow pace which picks up nearer the end. The parts Rebecca sang were belted out. “Cheers, we’re going to play a couple more new songs” Watson said straight after they had finished singing Never Look Back. Up next was Horses Jumping which Charles sings the majority of. This song is really beautiful, gentle and soothing at the same time. “Whose going to come and see us at Shepherd’s Bush Empire on the 26th, Everyone who said they will better be there” Rebecca said to the audience. She also mentioned it would be a right laugh and it will be because her banter can make me laugh and smile. If We’re Still Alive was next on the night. The lyrics fit perfectly to this and it was very powerful at the same time. “Has everyone got feelings?, No, Me neither, but if you got any feelings then this is a song for you”. It was then onto

Only If You’re Certain was next and it was a Rebecca solo song. I love these songs because she has such entrancing vocals. Charles’s harmonising was fantastic as well. Now this song doesn’t even feature on the album which does make me wonder is this a hidden track. I mean Boys On Their Birthdays was a hidden track on Yeah So. “Thanks very much, we got 2 more new songs and 1 oldie and then we’re off” Watson then said to the packed out audience. It was then onto a track that I hadn’t heard before. This being The Dog which features on Paradise. The song which was mainly sung by Charles with Rebecca adding the harmonies. I look forward to hearing the studio version of this song. “Forgot most of that” Charles said before introducing the other two members in the band. Ending the wonderful set was the brand new single Two Cousins. This song is really infectious and you are captivated from the very start. Also it was very upbeat at the same time. Once over they all leave the stage only to return moments later for the encore. “Grrrrr, I’m joking” Rebecca said the moment they came back on. The choice of encore song was Giving Up On Love. This was the last single taken from Yeah So. Giving Up On Love was highly infectious and uptempo with lyrics you just want to sing along to. There is also loads of energy which oozes from this song.


Gold Mountain
Where I’m Waking
Our Most Brilliant Friends
Never Look Back
Horses Jumping
If We’re Still Alive
Only If You’re Certain
The Dog
Two Cousins


Giving Up On Love

OVERALL: This 10 song set by Slow Club was amazing. They never fail to impress. The new album Paradise is going to be a corker and I am looking forward to having my copy in my hands. I look forward to seeing them again in the future which will be the instore at Rough Trade East later on this month.


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