Paisley and Charlie @ The Lexington 14th August 2011

Paisley Pattenden and Charlie Darling are Brighton based duo Paisley & Charlie. They were making their debut performance at The Lexington as part of The Hangover Lounge. It was actually touch and go whether I would attend due to the fact the whole of the UK had been hit with major riots which took place the week before. Thankfully it seemed they were in the process of calming down. I will be honest here but not going to a single gig all week drove me crazy. I last saw Paisley & Charlie May 2011 they had just released debut AA single Julia Misbehaves and Stone Lions. This time they had the debut album Songs In Black & White to promote. Before the set I hung out with them both upstairs which was very nice. I can’t praise them enough as they are wonderful people whom I have the pleasure of knowing.

The set kicked off at 4pm and in all honesty it was the most surreal set I had ever seen. I have never attended The Hangover Lounge before so what took place may be really normal. There was a big stage which I initionally thought that they would perform on. Instead both Paisley and Charlie sung an outstanding set at one side of the upstairs venue. There were no mics whatsoever which made this even more incredible. The one vital instrument they had were their vocals which they had to project so everyone could hear. Julia Misbehaves was the first song of the set. This is one incredible infectious song. It was fantastic hearing it acoustically and something which I won’t experience again. Whenever I hear this song I can’t help but think of Lady Penelope who appeared in the original video. “That’s very kind, this song is called Radio Days” Paisley then went onto say after there was plenty of applause once they delivered superbly. The uplifting Radio Days was an ode to Louise Brooks and her shop in Waterloo which is called Radio Days. The song is rather pacey and everything geled together perfectly. Paisley even pointed out the key change during this song. “So this is another song that is from our album and it’s called Funny” Pattenden then went onto say before they both launch into this brand new song. I haven’t had the chance to listen to the debut album yet but Funny is really different compared to the material I have witnessed live. When I say different I mean it in a good way. For starters this song is soft, gentle and soothing. Also it showcased their sublime harmonising skills. This song comprimises of just three verses and no chorus making it really short. Following on was the disco number this being the uplifting infectious pop song Hold Me which was sung to perfection. This song grabs your attention as soon as it starts. There were very small traces of the way Pet Shop Boys sounded like in the 80s. “It’s quite topical as it mentioned teenage riots” Paisley said before mentioning that she went to Clapham Junction to take part in the clean up, only to find out it had already been cleaned up. The lead vocals were handed over to Charlie Darling for Sebastian. This song was beautiful and Paisley harmonised plus she showed off her wonderful egg shaker skills. It was also soft and soothing at the same time. Before the next song Pattenden went on to clear up the title of the following song. “This song is called Five Days, One Summer but it is called Fine Days Of Summer if you look online”. Even though Paisley said this was the first outing of Five Days, One Summer it had been performed at the bands last London gig at the Betsey Trotwood back in May. Back then the song was listed as Fine Days on the set list. Still this song was really infectious plus it was delivered faultlessly. Stone Lions was the next song to feature in the set. This being the 2nd part of the debut AA single plus it was their capo song. Now this song was beautiful plus it had dreamy vocals delivered by Paisley as well. This song namechecks parts of London ie Portobello Road and the Stone Lions in Trafalgar Square. I still don’t get why you can’t trust the Stone Lions. “This is a old Scottish Folk song” Darling said before telling the audience it is meant as a tribute. Charlie sung this song to perfection and Paisley added the harmonies and the egg shaker as well. Charlie may of hoped his take on Simply Thrilled Honey was good enough was actually delivered superbly.  The song itself was sung by Scottish Folk Band Orange Juice back in 1980 and Darling’s take on it was unique and brilliant. Ending the short but sweet set was European Girl. Paisley then mentioned she was handing over the reins to Charlie. This was a gentle song which was very unique as Darling was on vocals and Pattenden was harmonising. There was a slight fast pace to this song and the lyrics were rather powerful.


Jula Misbehaves
Radio Days
Hold Me
Stone Lions
Simply Thrilled Honey
European Girl

OVERALL: It was such a pleasure seeing Paisley & Charlie playing live. London gigs are a rarity and this was only the 4th time I have seen them play (I’m quite surprised about that as it feels as if I have seen them more times). This band have something really special and they deserve as much success as possible. From what I’ve heard they have found the right home in Pebble Records. Paisley & Charlie will always have my support and I advise you all to listen to their wonderful music.


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