Brock Zanrosso – Prelude EP Review

1st August 2011 saw Brock Zanrosso release his highy anticipated debut EP Prelude. At only 17 years old Zanrosso is highly talented.  He was the runner up on Canada’s version of American Idol, YTV’s Next Star, and became a fan favorite during the show. This EP was produced by Troy Samson and Mike James. From my first listen of this 5 track EP this it tells me that there are exciting things to come throughout Brock’s music career.

A couple of days ago I featured Zanrosso in the In The Spotlight series. The reason for this was the fact he is a phenomenal singer/ performer with some fantastic tracks. Even though 5 songs feature on the debut EP there are only 4 original songs as the 5th is a Remix of the first track. Prelude is very poppy and opens up with the first single which was taken from this EP. The song being Edge (End Of The World). “The story behind Edge is that there are two people in a relationship and one of them has to leave and they are trying to make most of the last night that they have together.” The second song on this EP is Perfect Storm which served as the follow up single. This song sounds alot different compared to its opener. Overall this is an upbeat infectious Pop song. Where as the opening of Perfect Storm reminded me Britney Spears – If U Seek Amy/ Radar the opening of The Only One reminds me of Jessie J’s Nobody’s Perfect. The song itself is slowed down and you can picture a story. What the song is depicting is a dysfunctional relationship and when they split up the girl can’t find it in her heart to say no. This girl thinks this guy will change and everything will be fine but that is not the case. The penultimate song being Suffocate. If I was to bet on a 3rd single from Prelude this will be the favourite. This song was featured on the TV show “Degrassi” on 8th August, it oozes plenty of energy. Edge (End of the World) was the opener to this EP and it is also the track that closes something truly remarkable. This being the Hipjoint Remix which packs a more upbeat electro sound to the original.

All in all Prelude shows that Brock Zanrosso is capable of American domination. This is a wonderful EP with 5 amazing tracks that are to my liking. He is definately destined for bigger things and this taster just leaves me wanting to hear more. Even though I like all the 5 tracks my favourite has to be The Only One.


Edge (End Of The World)
Perfect Storm
The Only One
Edge (End Of The World) (Hipjoint Remix)


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