In The Spotlight: #017 Says She’s Ms. Blat

This unsigned Pop/ Rock duo consist of Lottie Leymarie and Brad Puchir. Leymarie who is multi talented (clasically trained in piano plus she is vocalist/ songwriter) formed Says She’s Ms. Blat in the summer of 2008 Lottie Leymarie formed Says She’s Ms. Blat. The debut self titled album was released in 2009 and was recorded in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Bret Puchir, who is a guitarist and producer by trade , lent his talent to Leymarie by joining the band not only as her producer, but also as the drummer. His unique style to enmesh perfectly with Leymarie’s off beat piano approach was compatible to the personalities and their unabashed regard to music. From the footage I have seen on Youtube the live performances are both powerful and oozes energy.  Just hearing the material from 2009 and then material from 2011 you can tell this duo have flourished. Plus they gel together perfectly.

The meaning behind the name Says She’s Ms. Blat stems from an old New York Times article found on the Internet. The headline was ” She Says She’s Mrs. Platt”. The article was about a woman in 1915 who had continuously married wealthy men, divorced them, took their money, changed her name and moved on to the next victim. She was a con artist who was quite progressive for a woman in the early twentieth century. “I liked the idea of her ever changing persona. As an artist, you are constantly changing and coming up with new ideas. Ms. Blat is the persona I took on as a musician. Although I write from personal experience, my world is constantly forming and reshaping around me, I’ll never be the same person I was when I wrote a particular song or album. I’ll be whatever I want to be and right now, I say that I’m Ms. Blat.”

28th July 2011 saw the release of Violent Nudity and Ha Ha Ha. The two tracks were written and recorded by Lottie Leymarie (piano, vocals) and Bret Puchir (drums, vocals, production) in the band’s Greenpoint, Brooklyn studio. The video to this single is shown below but after I saw it for the first time I came to the conclusion it was rather unique. The first half of the video features Contortionists, fire blowers, tigers and pink human bunnies performing both on land and water. There is actually a carnival theme throughout both of the videos.

This song oozes plenty of energy and actually grows on you everytime you listen to it again. The video was shot at various locations throughout New York City. I actually really like the video as it is not often you get the A and B side geled together for just the one video. This band is well worth checking out.!/saysshesmsblat


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