In The Spotlight: #015 Barry

Hailing from Hume, New York are a band whom I love. Bary, formed in 2011, is made up of three brothers: Patrick Barry (Guitar/Harmonica), Benjamin Barry (Bass), and Bradford Barry (drums). The style of the music that they sing is Folk Rock and they formed in the wake of Patrick and Benjamin’s former alt-rock band, Navar.

On 19th May 2011 the band release debut EP Yawnin’ In The Dawnin’ on 100% Records. This EP is rather impressive and is a fantastic slice of Folk Rock music. At only 7 tracks long this EP is very short but it leaves you with the desire to hear more. Barry shows you that you can get fantastic unsigned bands outside of the UK. When they branch out into other countries I will be there.

The EP’s titled track Yawnin’ In The Dawnin’ opens this up. This song is extremely short being just under 50 seconds long. It is completely acapella and it felt like a chant. Still the vocals were fantastic. For Your Own Good followed on and I really liked this fast paced song. I really liked the use of harmonica during this track. Carnival (e) was up next and this track is rather upbeat. It actually has a fantastic video which was primarily filmed using cell phones and Ipod video cameras. This song actually has a carnival feel to it. Three Years In Carolina has some excellent harmoning and the vocals are sublime. Out of the first three songs this is the most poppy. Again the harmonica is used. Drink One More is the next song to feature on this EP. This song again showcases the brothers fantastic vocal harmonising skills. You can actually picture a story to this song. The penultimate song being Love Something Too Much. Again this Folk Rock song tells the story of a Father/ Daughter growing up then growing apart. Ending this wonderful debut EP is the song Great Unknown. The vocals are sublime and this was such a strong finish for such a amazing EP. In the background you can also hear the organ being played.


Yawnin’ In The Dawnin’
For Your Own Good
Carnival (e)
Three Years In Carolina
Drink One More
Love Something Too Much
Great Unknown


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