In The Spotlight: #014 Stuart Newman

Brighton based Stuart Newman is currently unsigned. Yet he has already released one album Single But Defective back in 2009 (you can download the album from the official site listed below). Also on the official site are demos for the second album which sound so different compared to the songs that featured on his debut effort. The style of Newman’s music is Mellowing Acoustic Indie music which works wonders. Also one thing not many recording artist do is offer their music for free. With Stuart offering his music for free makes himself unique. This is getting the music out there to a wide audience.

Back in July/August 2010, Newman designed some T-Shirts. These free T Shirts went to destinations such as Finland, Russia, Sweden, Romania, Mexico, Taiwan and USA. This shows his fanbase  stretches outside of the UK.

The debut album Single But Defective was acoustic driven but for me I prefer the newer material. Head Hurts and Feel The Temperature Rising are my personal favourites as they are both gentle and soothing. I would say Stuart Newman is someone worth checking out as he has something extremely special and unique. I really hope big things come Stuart’s way.

“Genuinely strange and original, I love the voices off on that…” [speaking about ‘Cry Wolf’]
– Tom Robinson, BBC 6Music

“Emotional, heart-felt and raw. He performs with his heart well and truly on his sleeve.”
–Vicki Blight (Absolute Radio), The Unsigned Band Review (UBR)

“An absolutely unique artist, just a matter of time until the material clicks together in wonderful unison.”
– Mojophenia

“Newman is an artist as much as he is a musician.”
– Liquid [Hip]


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