Gig Of The Month: #20 The Veronicas @ Koko 24th September 2009

This gig claimed the title of the earliest I had queued for a gig. As it was the first Veronicas gig in London it was pretty hard to judge what time to get there. Now I wanted to be the first one queuing so I opted to get there at 6am. Pretty early but it guaranteed my place at the front. Basically myself and my friend Lyndsie were sitting down on the steps before the cleaner had reached the venue. Even though we arrived at 6am it wasn’t that long until some Spanish kids arrived. The time spent queueing was bitterley cold but it went by rather quickly. I had met Jess and Lisa outside Radio 1 and Capital FM earlier in the week. That is were I met some incredible Veronicas fans whom I am still in contact with 2 years on. I was really excited to see them play live as albums Hook Me Up and The Secret Life of were superb but at that time there was no UK release date. The night was enjoyable and a part of me wishes I had attended the dates in Manchester and Glasgow.

The set comprimised of 15 songs from both albums The Secret Life Of and Hook Me Up. B Side Everything also appeared in the set and how it managed to not make the album cut is beyond me. The atmosphere was electric and there was plenty of singing along. Unfortunately Jess and Lisa have not returned back to the UK as of yet (they did do the Capital FM Jingle Ball but the line up was released when tickets had sold out so Veronica fans missed out). When they are back I plan to go to as many dates as possible. It may of been a 13 hour stint queueing outside the Koko but it was well worth it as I was at the barrier and I had an incredible night. Pavement Crew (which was our name after we were sitting on the pavements of London, in hope of getting into the Capital FM session) got a mention too.


Take Me On The Floor
Mouth Shut
Don’t Say Goodbye
This Love
Heavily Broken
Mother Mother
Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)
Everything I’m Not
Hook Me Up


This Is How It Feels


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