Gig Of The Month: #19 Little Boots @ Gibson Guitar Studios 19th August 2009

You could only win tickets to this gig via the social networking site Bebo. There was a question why you needed to write sentence why you deserved to come. I can’t exactly remember what I wrote but it included the words stick on repeat alluding to her song Stuck On Repeat. What I wrote may of been slightly cheesy but it was snappy at the same time. In the end I won a ticket for this event and this was the first time I had been to the Gibson Guitar Studios. I remember the fact there were no bariers. You could get right up to the actual stage and it was so close you could touch the instruments if you wanted to. Even though this was free Vicoria performed for 45 minutes and it was basically a full set you would expect from gigs you pay for. This set showcased material from debut album Hands which is extremely infectious plus she even sang her take on JLS Beat Again which was performed on Radio 1.


New In Town
Beat Again
Stuck On Repeat


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