In The Spotlight: #012 Public Speech

Public Speech are singer/ guitarist Joe Pollution, drummer Bill Austin and bassist Kevin Byrne. This band have created their own  genre and they are just a bit more original than your average Punk, Blues, Rock and Rap band with more than just a bit of comedy thrown in.

Public Enemy’s Chuck D described the lyrics to ‘Lets Sell Out’ as “poetic genius”, Neville Staples described frontman Joe as “the Man”. They  have been played on BBC Radio 6 – Tom Robinson introducing show and have supported Neville Staples, Chas And Dave and Marv The Martian to name but  a few.

It was the video to Queens Speech that caught my eye. This was  shot on location in Central London – out side Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Parliament Square. Not even the Police or Authorities put them off from completing it. The video for Queens Speech has even been endorsed by Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols .

Debut album Publicity is being released on their own label. The band recorded the it at the end of 2010 at Reservoir Studios in North London. And while many of the songs on Publicity are new, a number of them have had a lengthy gestation period.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dangerous D says:

    These guys are great they are much better than the usual rubbish music out there

  2. your right dangerous PUBLIC SPEECH

  3. Hey why don’t you put the queens speech video up there or even the new riot one I will send links if need be!!!

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