Ones To Watch: Charlene Soraia

Born and raised in Sydenham is Charlene Soraia. Currently signed to Peacefrog Records Soraia releases her debut album Moonchild on 22nd August. The style of the music that she sings is Alternative Folk. At the moment Folk music is the in thing at the moment as you have the likes Mumford & Sons, Peggy Sue, Noah & The Whale, Laura Marling, Laura Hocking (and many more) all competing in this same genre. Now Charlene fits into this genre perfectly and her Unique Selling Point is that she is so different compared those above artists.

Already she has self released 3 EP’s (Daffodils & Other Idylls March 08, Postcards From iO June 2008 and One Of The Sun January 2009) plus debut single When We Were Five was released August 2010 on Seesaw Records. Charlene Soraia also participated in the Emerging Talent Competiton at Glastonbury in 2009. Unfortunately she did not progress to the final. I only witnessed Soraia play a couple of days ago but I can spot someone talented the moment I hear them perform. If they can captivate me with the songs they play that makes me want to hear more material by that artist.

Charlene picked up her first guitar at the age of five. She played her first Open Mic night at the age of eight, and was a regular on the Open Mic circuit by the age of ten. Completely self-taught, she won admission to the legendary BRIT School of Performing Arts despite failing to have the minimum requirement of a GCSE in Music. Once at the BRIT School she stopped performing acoustically and started playing in a band called Retrospect. In 2006 she released the ‘Lemonade’ EP, which in its contrasting shades of light and dark set the stage for two very different Charlene Soraia’s. She restarted her solo performances in 2008. Charlene released her new EP entitled Daffodils & Other Idylls in March and has topped the uk Folk Charts on iTunes. She released another EP in June 2008 called “Postcards from iO” and in January 2009 released her fourth EP “One of the Sun”.

Charlene Soraia is someone to watch out for as she deserves as much success as she can possibly get. Just seeing her live was amazing and the songs that were sung that night gave you an insight of what to expect from debut album Moonchild. One thing I noticed when hearing her play was the fact she can hit the high notes at ease. Soraia definately has raw talent and lets hope the fact she is now signed to Peacefrog Records will lead to big things.

If yourself want to witness Charlene Soraia live check the Facebook or Twitter (links are provided below plus the page where you can buy and listen to the EP’s)




Official Site

Music Store


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  1. Daisy says:

    Ooooo yes she is! What a beautiful voice and such an inspirational artist too! Love the guitar and production on Moonchild!

  2. Thanks for the post, I was quite late “discovering her” just today but I love her new album Moonchild. I wrote a short review here:

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