Laura Hocking And The Long Goodbye EP Review

This self titled EP is the first release through Hocking’s very own label Chrome Yellow. The Long Goodbye consist of Phillip Brillo on Bass, Karl Penney on Drums, Danyal Dhondy on Viola/ Keys and Flora Curzon whom plays Violin and provides Backing Vocals. The EP only features 4 songs but they all get the full band treatment. These 4 songs were written over the space of 4 years which dealt me love, anxiety, devastation and renewal in unequal measures. This EP has been out for a couple of months but I have only just started to get into her music. I am fully aware of Laura Hocking but I only saw her live for the first time on 18th July 2011. All the songs which feature were written by Laura Hocking and the use of The Long Goodbye make the tracks so enchanting.

This EP kicks off with Talented Tailor which tells the story of getting drunk then waking up to find you have a tattoo. It is extremely upbeat plus the use of the Violin is rather strong. The use of the full band does work wonders. Following on is Strongmen & Acrobats which is a song for Hocking’s brother whom suffers with Autism and his experience at fireworks night each year. This is a spellbinding song and you can clearly picture the story from the brilliant lyrics. It was beautifully sung by Laura plus if you carefully listen to the lyrics it is slightly moving. All Fall In which was a song about checking your symptoms on the internet as you are panicked striken as you don’t know what you actually have. Still this song again is very upbeat and is delivered to perfection. The last song of this fantastic EP was Two Thirds Is A Dream which was breathtaking. The fact it was stripped back was amazing and it showcased Laura’s sweet vocals. This song is based on David Lynch’s film Mulholland Drive.

Finally this EP is brilliant, The Long Goodbye added a special something. Plus the harmonies were fantastic. I look forward to hearing the next installment of Laura Hocking And The Long Goodbye.


Talented Tailor
Strongmen And Acrobats
All Fall In
Two Thirds Is A Dream


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