Alice Gold @ The Lexington 4th August 2011

Alice Gold treated the packed audience by singing album Seven Rainbows in its entirety. Support came from Sydenham’s very own Charlene Soraia and new band Wetpaint. Out of the two acts the one I prefered the most was Charlene. For starters I was so impressed with the set I would most defiately see her play again in the future. Even though she has three EP’s under her belt Soraia has only just been signed to Pacefrog Records. From what I heard Peacefrog are definately onto a winner and you should keep an eye out for Charlene. This short but sweet set lasted 30 minutes and consisted of 7 songs. The tracks I can remember were Lemonade, Rowing, Postcards From IO, Wishing (You) Well, Daffodils (which ended the set) plus there was a funny sexual one about this girl making a cum face. Well the sexual song was very lighthearted and you could easily have a laugh to it. During the set she revealed how it was her birthday a few weeks ago and she received a new guitar.  The only bad thing about the set was nothing to do with Charlene but it was down to the sound. For Daffodils Soraia had pushed the microphone down so it could pick up the guitar sounds which then resulted in the song sounding acapella. Still Charlene hit the high notes at ease and had powerful vocals to cap off this fantastic set. Once Charlene was over it was then onto Wetpaint. Now Wetpaint returned from winter hibernation with the 2nd album Woe. This 4 piece band are currently signed to Records Records Records.Wetpaint actually grew on me as the set which was played progressed. At the start I was taken aback with how loud they were. From the songs that featured in the set I can say I definately want to hear more from them in the future.

Fresh from having supported The Pierces was Alice Gold. This was her very own headline show. Even though the album had been released early July this felt as if this was the album release party.. The remarkable Alice Gold took to the stage at 9.30pm. The venue was packed the time Gold took to the stage and she spoilt her fans by playing Seven Rainbows in its enirety, a brand new song and a Etta James cover. Proceedings kicked off with Seasons Change. This song was belted out at ease and it seems as this is a favourite to open with because it is always the set opener. Seasons Change was a right cracker of a song and Gold’s powerful vocals were sublime. “Thankyou very much, How we doing” Alice said to the audience before launching into Runaway Love. This song was extremely upbeat and very infectious as well. Having seen Alice play at the Station Sessions at Kings Cross St Pancras I immediately get the image of running away to Paris on the Eurostar (which was next to the stage). It was then onto How Long Have These Streets Been Empty?. This song was infused to the end of Runaway Love. It was extremely powerful/ upbeat and had catchy lyrics which sounded wonderful. “Gosh it’s so good to be here, It’s hot, Is anyone cool? I just want to say massive thanks to the amazing Charlene Soraia and Pavement”. Once Gold noticed her mistake she corrected herself. Alice did have a point it was boiling inside and there was no air conditioning whatsoever. Gold didn’t drink her red wine opting to drink a bottle of water instead. The wonderful And You’ll Be There followed on. This is one of Alice’s favourite tracks off the forthcoming album. The mellowing chorus was my favourite part of this song. Another infusion was next and this was Conversations Of Love which followed on straight away. This powerful song was delivered to perfection. You could clearly see that every ounce of energy was put into this upbeat song.

It was then onto Fair Weather Friend which was upbeat and uptempo at the same time. The current single Cry Cry Cry was next and this song is both beautiful and amazing song. This pop song is really upbeat and infectious. The lyrics were straight and simple plus it was wonderful at the same time. Once over Alice wished happy 30th birthday to Emily. Next up was End Of The World which is the brand new single. In fact I have never heard this song played live. Still it was delivered perfectly plus it had strong infectious lyrics. Now if I controlled what music people purchased then this song would be #1. This song was really powerful plus there is a fantastic music video to accompany it. “I think this is officially the hottest gig ever, You pour people are being sprayed by my sweat” Gold went onto say. One member of the audiece replied back to this and lets say alot of people groaned with disgust. Sadness Is Coming was next on the night and Sadness Was Coming as this was the penultimate song. Gold had put her guitar down for this song which showcased her breathtaking vocals. The thing I most liked about this song was the fact it was gentle. Even though Alice is a formidable guitar player just hearing songs without the guitar are truly wonderful. Ending the night was Alice’s debut single this being the upbeat Orbiter. Before playing the song Alice thanked people for buying the tickets and her fabulous band. They breezed through this song at ease. It was powerful and uptempo at the same time. Once over the band then left the stage. Just like Laura Marling it looked as if Alice didn’t see the point of an encore as she just played two more songs which would of been the encore. “Right I’m going to play a few songs for you on my own”. Now these two songs were incredible first up was Playing With Fire. It did take a little bit of time to get tuned up “I think the heats got to the guitar”. This song was brand new which nobody has heard before and will feature on the follow up album. Now Playing With Fire sounded beautiful and incredible. I really like it when Gold plays solo as the songs sound gentle and soothing at the same time. Whereas in the band Alice unleashes her inner Indie Rock Chick which makes the songs sound fantastic but ever so powerful at the same time. This song was delivered to perfection and if this is a taste of the 2nd album then I am positive the other tracks will be corkers. Ending the night was the best song ever written. This being a unique take on Etta James’s song I’d Rather Go Blind. Lets just say Alice Gold did a startling take on this song which the audience loved.


Seasons Change
Runaway Love
How Long Have These Streets Been Empty?
And You’ll Be There
Conversations Of Love
Fair Weather Friend
Cry Cry Cry
End Of The World
Sadness Is Coming


Playing With Fire
I’d Rather Go Blind

OVERALL: This was a brilliant night which featured support acts whom I would like to hear again. The opening act Charlene Soraia was fantastic and I can definately see her going far within the Music Industry. Soraia has just been signed to a record label and her debut album MoonChild is out towards the end of August. She is most definately one to keep your eye on. As for Wetpaint I did enjoy the set that they played. I may of been blown away during the first song but as it progressed I started to get into the songs that were sung. Finally Alice Gold words can’t describe how amazing the set was. I think the rest of the crowd loved it plus the fact she sung Seven Rainbows in its entirety plus a song from the next album was incredible. The last time that happened was when Noah and the Whale played an album launch party for debut album Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down. There may be slight traces of Coco Sumner and Lissie but Alice is a phenomenal singer/ songwriter whom deserves all the success she can get.


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