Anja McCloskey – And Her Head/ Impeccable

And Her Head/ Impeccable is the forthcoming single by former Irrepressibles member, Anja McCloskey.  This single is set to be released 5th September through Sotones Records. Southampton based Anja McCloskey is a talented singer-songwriter and this single is fantastic. McCloskey is also an accordionist (the accordion features at the beginning of And Her Head). Both A and B side are completely different when compared to each other.

And Her Head features multiple instruments (drums, violin, accordion and acoustic and electric guitars) plus Anja’s striking vocals. Inspired by a tragic event in her grandfather’s life, this  song clearly captures the humanity of a folk song, but McClosky is hesitant to label it as traditional folk. “I didn’t grow up or learn in a folk environment at all,” says Anja. “The accordion is obviously a folk instrument and I have been exposed to a lot of folk-inspired music since living in the UK, but my music owes just as much to classical.”

Whereas A Side And Her Head was very powerful, B Side Impeccable sounds both gentle and mellowing. This is  a wistful love song that Anja says plays on innate fears, “I felt it needed a different instrumentation to take us out of our comfort zone,” explains Anja. “I wanted to move away from the natural sound I usually work with, so experimented with an electronic keyboard/organ. It’s an unusual composition for me.”

This single features David Miatt (Thomas Tantrum) on acoustic guitar and vocals, and Oliver Austin (label mates, The Moulettes) on drums, both songs were recorded in the Victorian Quaker Hall in Southampton and mixed and produced by Anja’s husband Andy Harris (Haunted Stereo). “The recording has a very natural sound,” says Anja. “We tried to capture the feel of the location and did very little in terms of effects. We wanted them to be organic, but still grandiose in their sound.” 


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