In The Spotlight: #011 Elisha Bayliff

With a debut EP already under her belt the world is Bayliff’s oyster. She is extremely talented and her vocal ability is extraordinary. You can actually pick up traces of Kate McGill from the EP’s opening track Counting Footsteps.

At only 16 years old Weymouths very own Elisha Bayliff  sings and writes her very own songs. In my book that is something truly remarkable as the material she’s written has been sublime. The end result being the 6 track EP Words Are Not Enough. If you are a fan of Pop/ Acoustic/ Folk music then I advise you to take a listen to this EP.

From a very young age Bayliff has always expressed a great love for music, having sung and performed from the age of 3 in local musicals/ shows. It’s only in recent years that she has begun to experiment more with songwriting, bringing her to life as an artist. At this present time Elisha has just finished her GCSE’s and plans to continue studying music at Sixth form before taking a gap year at a music academy in Bristol.

What stands out the most is not the fact Elisha writes her own material nor the fact she is only 16. The thing that stands out the most is her passion. It’s that one thing that I adore, because when you have passion for what you’re doing then everything goes into making fantastic songs. An example of this being the debut EP Words Are Not Enough which was simply pure perfection and it shows that Elisha’s future is extremely bright.

Finally I reckon Elisha Bayliff is a name you have to look out for because she is ever so talented and ticks all the right boxes.

Debut EP Words Are Not Enough is available to purchase on Itunes:



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