Bandstand Busking w/ Peggy Sue, Sea Of Beas + Veronica Falls @ Northampton Square 31st July 2011

Two years had past since my last time at Northampton Square. My last busk in 2009 was actually seeing Peggy Sue. Now Bandstand Busking play host to a wide variety of different bands. Artists whom I have seen take part include Kill It Kid, Fanfarlo, Gorgeous Colours, Peggy Sue, Theoretical Girl and Slow Club. Also Bandstand Busking host their very own stage at The Clore Ballroom during the meltdown festival. When I saw who was playing at this busk I had to attend. For starters just seeing sets busked is something really special and secondly it is Peggy Sue whom I have been a fan of since the day they supported Kate Nash at the Concorde 2 October 2007. Just having Veronica Falls on the same bill was a added bonus and I was intrigued to see Sea Of Bees perform. This triple whammy of fantastic bands kicked off with Veronica Falls whom showcased material that features on their debut self titled album. This four piece consist of Patrick, Roxanne, James and Marion. They sung pop music at its best just hearing it in this setting was something really special. The songs were gentle, soothing and dreamy at the same time. Veronica Falls only performed 5 songs which were short and sweet. I had heard all of them live before bar album track Bad Feeling. The set ended with the bands first single Found Love In A Graveyard. These 5 songs were delivered to perfection and the rest of the audience lved them.


Beachy Head
Starry Eyes
Bad Feeling
Found Love In A Graveyard

Sea Of Bees

Second up was 26-year-old Julie “Jules” Baenziger, who records and performs under the moniker Sea of Bees. Joining her was Amber who harmonised on some of the songs. Jules oozed energy and each song was delivered strongly. There was plenty of foot stomping as well. Songs that featured in the set included Gnomes, Side Pain and The Gold. Baenziger has very distinctive vocals and oozes stage presence. It’s those things which makes me want to witness Sea Of Bees again. There was also alot of banter Jules can talk for ages. Baenziger mentioned about meeting Jenny Lewis and her being a great influence plus Jules went onto say they will be back in 2012 with a new album which is all hush hush. Amber also mentioned how she went in the Ocean when at the Isle Of Sheppey and her hair smelt salty.

The final band of the afternoon were the fantastic Peggy Sue. This wonderful folk band consisted of Rosa Rex, Katy Klaw, Olly Joyce, Becca Mears and Emma Kraemer. Now Becca and Emma were the string section which made the new songs sound wonders. I have been a fan of this band for almost 4 years and it’s amazing to see how much they’ve progressed since 2007. Opening things up was brand new song Boxes. I had previously heard this song during their sets at the Camden Crawl. I love this gentle mellowing song. The mix of strings, guitars and drums worked perfectly. The song was sung faultlessly and it set things up what was to be a fantastic set. Once the song was over there was some mic swapping. When Rosa was getting mic’ed up Katy mentioned she had a lemon ice earlier on in the day “I’m quite looking forward to the Ice Cream Man comes back and does the Ice Cream Van Remix”. Once Rosa was ready the band launched into Funeral Beat. I really liked the dark lyrics plus the song was belted out as well. “We’re playing quite alot of new songs off of our record thats going to come out in September” Rex then said to the audience. This new song being Shadows and it sounded darker because the song was alot deeper compared to the others. Shadows was mainly sung by Rosa with Katy harmonising. Emma Kraemer then left to attend a interview. “Yesterday was n0t a good day to start smoking again” Rosa said after she had been coughing throughout the set. It was then onto the B Side of forthcoming single Song & Dance. This B Side being How Heavy The Quiet That Grew Between Your Mouth And Mine. The song was sung to perfection and it was spine tingling at the same time. “We’re going to play two old ones” Klaw said before mentioning they had an excessive amount of stuff. This song was to be Watchman. Now I love the beat to this song. Katy was on the acoustic guitar sings this song and Rosa joins in with harmonising. It is a nice strong steady paced song as well. The line I like is “I only came to watch you watch me leave”. “Thanks for being nice and listening” Klaw said before they launch themselves into the final song of the busk and this being Yo Mama. For this song Katy was on the accordion. There was a beat to this song plus there was a steady pace. They then leave only to come back as there was plenty of applause. “This is another new one new ish one” Rosa then said to the audience. Now Dumbo was that song and even though Rosa mentioned it could go wrong it was delivered perfectly. I first heard this song at the Fossils and Other Phantoms album lauch at The Garage last year. Rosa led this song with Katy harmonising. It is a really good song and starts off strong from the get go. The first line is “I lost my name in the fire”.


Funeral Beat
How Heavy The Quiet That Grew Between Your Mouth And Mine
Yo Mama



OVERALL: It is always a pleasure to witness Peggy Sue and they have progressed so much since the day I first saw them play with Kate Nash in 2007. The new songs are fantastic and they all delivered to perfection. I can tell the new album Acrobats will be a real cracker. They are playing at The Lexington the very day the album is released. I am looking forward to that one. As for Veronica Falls they were amazing it was only the 3rd time I’ve seen them live but from those songs that they sung it is making me anticipate the debut album. Finally Sea Of Bees the set that was performed oozed plenty of energy. That makes me want to witness them again at one of the bands headline gigs.


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