Laura Hocking @ Union Chapel 30th July 2011

Laura Hocking is a singer/ songwriter from Yorkshire now living in London. The style of the music that Hocking sings is Folk and although she is a solo artist she also sings with her band The Long Goodbye. This was only the second time I had witnessed Laura live after her style of music captivated me when I attended the Society Of The Golden Slippers gig on 18th July. I almost didn’t get to the Union Chapel in time as there had been trespassers on the line at Oxford Circus causing my main route to Highbury & Islington to be suspended. Eventually I got there at 12.15pm and I had no clue what time each artist would be on stage. Thankfully Laura Hocking was on at 12.50. “This is a song called 2/3 Is A Dream, It’s about David Lynch’s film Mulholland Drive” a solo Hocking said to the audience. You can pick up on the folkness and Laura delivered 2/3 Is A Dream beautifully. It sounded so mellow and gentle. Plenty of applause followed and the rest of The Long Goodbye took to the stage. “This is a song about people who google their symptoms all night” Hocking said before launching into All Fall In. This song features on the EP and it sounded really upbeat. The inclusion of the full band was worked wonders. “Thankyou” a humble Hocking said before mentioning that she was playing in a pub opposite 2 years ago and Laura Marling was playing at the Union Chapel. Alpha Male was the next song and there was a slight fast pace to this song plus is was delivered faultlessly. “That was a song for men who think they are right, this is a song for girls who know that they are wrong” Hocking said before launching lauching into Poor Louise which is about getting thrown out of catholic school for doing handstands. I really liked the lyrics to this song and it is very light hearted. I must say the Flora’s harmonising was spot on. The band were then introduced before Laura launched into Oh La, Loita which was a song about falling in love with your teacher. Now this was an enchanting song about a love that is forbidden. The penultimate song was Strongmen And Acrobats. Hocking then went onto say “This is a song for my brother who has autism and is about his experience every year at fireworks night”. You can easily picture the story of the song plus it was upbeat at the same time. This song was very gentle and mesmerising as well. The fantastic 7 song set ended with Talented Tailor. “This song is about kinda second date, you go home to someones house after a night out and you drink a little bit too much and then you fall asleep on their sofa and you wake up to find you have a new tattoo”. Now I like this song as it was extremely upbeat. I also loved the use violin throughout the song.


2/3 Is A Dream
All Fall In
Alpha Male
Poor Louise
Oh La, Lolita
Strongmen And Acrobats
Talented Tailor

OVERALL: Once Laura had finished her short but sweet set I made my way back home. I had yet again witnessed a fantastic performance by Hocking and I know I will most definately see her again in the future. The addition of The Long Goodbye was amazing. They are all ever so talented and Flora was brilliant at harmonising too


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