Pocket Satellite @ The Bowery 29th July 2011

Despite being a bassist down Pocket Satellite put in a startling performance on which was their penultimate gig in London before they cross the channel. Pocket Satellite are a band whom every lover of Folk/ Pop music should go and witness. This band consisted of Maya Zosmer, Carl Haag and siblings Ruth and Tom Dixon. “Hello we’re Pocket Satellite and this first song is called Rocks In Shoes” Maya said to the audience before they launched into the opening song. Whenever I hear this song I can’t help but think of the amazing stop motion video that someone made for this song. Rocks In Shoes was delivered to perfection. There is something about it that makes this song so entrancing, it’s also gentle, soothing and mellowing at the same time. It is by far my favourite Pocket Satellite song. Once this fantastic song was over Maya went onto mention how they were a man down. Up next was the title track of the 2nd EP Paper Aviator. This was very upbeat and Carl and Maya’s vocals gel together perfectly. Paper Aviator was a lovely song and it also continues with the fascination of space within the lyrics. Once this song was over Carl does a little self promotion by saying the bands Myspace and the fact they had EPs for sale. Maya also mentioned that an official website was coming hopefully three weeks from today (19th August). Following on was the chilled out Leave Your Metro. If I can remember correctly Maya once said this song was about how people don’t let people sit on tubes on the underground. Tom was on glockenspiel for this song and Ruth was on cello. The vocals were beautiful and the infusion of guitar, cello and glockenspiel worked wonders. Once over Carl went onto say that they were playing at The Enterprise on 23rd August which would be the farewell gig before they cross the channel. It was then onto yet another song from the debut EP this being its title track Toy Train. This song was amazing and the lyrics were fantastic. Carl’s and Maya’s vocals yet again compliment each other perfectly. “Come say Hi afterwards even if you don’t want a EP” Haag  then said to the audience before launching into the fun song Windows. This upbeat song was sung by both Carl and Maya. Even though this song is slightly cheesy it is extremely catchy at the same time. What I adore is the fact you can tell that they are having lots of fun when performing this song live. The penultimate song of the set was the wonderful Parachutes. What stole this song was the entrancing keyboard introduction by Ruth which sounded entrancing, soothing and mellowing. This again is another soft and gentle song with wonderful lyrics plus there was glockenspeil as well. “So this is our last song, its been lovely” Carl said to the audience before getting stuck into the storming Man On A Boat. This song oozed plenty of energy and it was plain to pick up on the fact the band were having fun singing this song.


Rocks In Shoes
Paper Aviator
Leave Your Metro
Toy Train
Man On A Boat

OVERALL: This was yet again a tremendous peformance by Pocket Satellite. Despite being a man down they pulled it out of the bag. Now this band is incredible and I wish them all the best for their self financed trip across the channel. They deserve every bit of success as their music is so enchanting. Just seeing them play again makes me look forward to The Enterprise gig on 23rd August.


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