Megan Henwood @ 12 Bar Club 28th July 2011

Good Evening everybody, Welcome to the 12 Bar” Henwood said to the intimate audience. This was the second time I witnessed her live and this performance was splendid. The thing I most like about the 12 Bar Club is the intimacy. Back to Megan the 30 minute consisted of a short but sweet 5 songs. This was the same set like the last time I saw her play at Blacks Member’s Club. There was one difference though and this being a 6th song which was brand spanking new. Well after Megan welcomed the audience she then said something very witty “Somebody just told me it must be called the 12 Bar because that is how many people you could fit into it”. Now people who missed the set missed someone who has the potential to make waves within the music industry. “We’re going to start off with a tune call What Elliot Said which is about Elliott Smith one of my favourite singers”. The opening line to What Elliott Said is slightly dark. Still this is a nice folk song and is extremely upbeat. “We’re going to get a bit dark on you now” Henwood said before going onto say how herself and her brother Joe ran pass this mans scary house who passed away during the recording of the album Making Waves. Megan also went onto reveal that when recording a song which did not make the album (it was a song about a spider that gets caught in her hair) during the mixing process a huge spider hung in front of the computer screen. The song that followed was Happy Healthy Boy. The lyrics tells the story and you could clearly picture what is happening. Up next has to be one of my favourite Henwood songs. Megan introduced us to her guitar Coco before comparing the next song to a bitter fruit “If it was a fruit it would be a lemon”. Now White Lies may of been bitter but I adored this song. This song was delivered beautifully by Henwood which made it sound gentle and mellowing. The melody is so soothing and the lyrics gel to it perfectly. The opening track to the album Making Waves was next and this being Hope On The Horizon. Megan wrote this cheery happy song in one of her favourite places. Now the lyrics were completely different in tone compared to the others that had just been performed. It actually felt slightly uplifting and it was very pacey as well. “I’ve come to the end of my wine and the end of my set” Henwood then said to the audience before introducing her band. The final song was the albums title track and this being Making Waves. This track was fantastic and very upbeat as well. My favourite part had to be the empowering chorus. This was delivered with so much energy and passion. After chants for one more song Megan performed a brand new song by herself. The song was Television which was was dedicated to Mr Murdoch. It is so new it doesn’t even feature on the debut album. Now Television was delivered strongly and this went down well with the audience.


What Elliott Said
Happy Healthy Boy
White Lies
Hope On The Horizon
Making Waves

OVERALL: This short but sweet set was marvellous. The songs are fantastic and I would advise everyone to give her a listen too. Also the album Making Waves is definately a must for anyone who likes folk music. Megan has something really special and she is so passionate about singing her wonderful songs. Now Henwood is an extremely talented singer/ songwriter from Oxfordshire and I can tell she will go far. She has already won the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award in 2009 plus she has busked in Venice, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Nepal. Now Megan is only 23 which makes what she has acheived remarkable.


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