Gig Of The Month: #18 Lady GaGa @ Brixton Academy 14th July 2009

Now Gig of the Month for July was extremely hard to pick. I went to a number fantastic events this month they included Emmy The Great at the Southbank Centre, Ugly Shy Girls (which was a launch for Laura Dockrill’s book) and Florence and the Machine at Rough Trade East on the day Lungs was released. Eventually after much thinking I decided on Lady GaGa’s gig at Brixton Academy. She had supported Pussycat Dolls and Take That earlier on in the year. This gig was the first time GaGa had performed The Fame Ball in the UK the following year saw The Fame Monster Ball and 2012 will see The Born This Way Ball. I arrived at Brixton Academy at 8am and I still got to the barrier. There were about 10 people queuing which is completely unheard of now. If you wanted to be at the front nowadays you would need to turn up REALLY early in the morning. This was the first time I had witnessed her live and the bit I loved was the fact there was a narative behind it plus my favourite song Eh Eh (There’s Nothing I Could Say) featured on the set list. I can remember GaGa being in a yellow dress and there was also a scooter on the stage. The set was split into 3 acts plus there was a 3 song encore. Now I really enjoyed the evening it was really special and it it wasn’t the last time I attended one of her gigs.


Act 1: The Heart

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Act 2: The Brain

The Fame
Money Honey
Boys Boys Boys

Act 3: The Face

Just Dance
Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)


Brown Eyes
PokerFace (Piano)


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