Gig Of The Month: #17 Marina And The Diamonds @ Puregroove 23rd June 2009

One of my many finds on Camden Crawl 2009 was Marina Diamandis and her band Marina and the Diamonds. Now I was in a period where I wanted to meet the actual artist and comment how much I like the style of music. I did see her perform at The Enterprise in April but she had a cold so went backstage straight after. This was Diamandis’s second time at Puregroove as she held an instore there in February in aid of the debut vinyl release Obsessions/ Mowgli’s Road. This time she had the Crown Jewels EP which was the second Marina release on Neon Gold. Now I turned up to that instore a couple of hours before it kicked off at 6.30pm. This was the third Puregroove layout well second at the Farringdon base. This time a bar was intergrated into the store so there were plenty of tables which I could sit at until everything started. I remember the first thing I said to Marina. I said I am one of your many Diamonds on Twitter. Now the Diamonds are the fans and at this period of time Diamandis had just joined the social network which was Twitter. Originally this was going to be private and I think the plan was to make it just for 100 people. If I remember correctly I was one of the first few to follow her as she joined April 2009 and I joined up February 2009. She also mentioned that she was nervous and that I was probably going to be the only on that would turn up. That wasn’t to be the case but the soundcheck was fun because Marina was singing to me.

Well the set which was performed was a showcase of material which was going to feature on debut album The Family Jewels which was released in 2010. Marina’s oozed passion and charisma. The take on Gwen Stefani’s What You Waiting For was extraordinary. From the very moment I saw her live in April 2009 I knew she was going to be massive. Now I wasn’t wrong in 2011 she is over in the U.S and is even supporting Katy Perry. After the set I stuck around and got my copy of The Crown Jewels EP signed and had a photo taken. Diamandis is ever so nice and is such a sweet person. When I saw her a month later at Notting Hill Arts Club I was surprised she remembered my name after I had met her just the once. Marina has an infectious personality and it was no surprise that I always jumped at the chance of seeing her live whenever she was gigging in London or Brighton.


I Am Not A Robot
What You Waiting For
Mowgli’s Road


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