In The Spotlight: #010 Marie Naffah

If you like Folk music and listening to unsigned artists then singer/ songwriter Marie Naffah is right up your street. Now Naffah is the cream of the crop a talent who will flourish in the music industry. She already has a debut album out and this being Little Surprises. I have only heard a couple of tracks but I can tell that she has something truly special. The folk songs she has under her belt are delightful and even though the Marie has a debut album she has other tracks which don’t feature. One of these songs being Star which was chosen by Sarah Champion of Absolute radio as her unsigned pick of the week back in March. This acoustic song is fantastic which tells a story and is very pacey throughout the chorus.

Marie has already played at a number of well known venues such as PUNK, The Troubadour, The Old Queen’s Head and many more. Plus she has already played Winterwell Festival, Good Weekend Festival and Station Sessions at the start of July. Now The Station Sessions is a 7 week festival which has an ecletic variation of artists performing. The fact she is only 18 is incredible Marie has raw talent. Her influences include Tracy Chapman, Jason Mraz, Joni Mitchell, Laura Marling, Jack Johnson and what makes her stand out in the Folk market is the fact she is extremely unique.

If you are a fan of Folk I urge you to give her unique brand of music a listen to. Sometimes you can get superb musicians who are unsigned and Marie is one of them. The fact she writes her own songs shows how talented she really is. Naffah is someone you have to keep your eye on because I predict wonderful things that lie ahead for her.

The song below was what enticed me into wanted to hear more material from Marie. Well the track below is titled Blindfold which tells the story of a girl whom has lost her sight. Now Naffah is blindfolded for this song yet she plays the guitar which is something remarkable.!/marienaffahmusic



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