Gig Of The Month: #16 Little Boots @ Apple Store, Regent Street 26th May 2009

I can remember for this instore I arrived pretty early considering my failure to get a wristband to see her play at the Roundhouse. Now back in March Victoria was playing as part of The Camden Crawl that year and she was the main reason I purchased a ticket for that day. Unfortuanately the queue for wristbands (they were free first come first served) was huge. Now if I had waited there was no way I would get one. Luckily I saw her play on the Myspace Bus which was rather intimate. So along comes this event taking place at the Apple Store on Regent Street at the end of May. Taking into account the queue to get a wristband back in March resulted me turning up early. I read about this event a couple of days prior and what it said on the website was arrive early for a good spot. So looking at my review of that night I started to queue at 4pm a whole 5 hours before the performance. I was the very first one there and I spent my time going in and out the store (they had Iphones, Apple Macs that you could go on). So imagine my disappointment when I was told I needed to go in a standby queue as there had been a competition for tickets. It was unfair as the website said absolutely nothing about a competition. So I had turned up early with the knowledge I may not even get in.

In the end I did get in. Being front of the standby queue has its advantages as there are bound to be some people who don’t attend. Unfortunately I was right at the back though. I was able to weave my way through but I couldn’t get to the front as there were tables stopping people getting there. Now my view was slightly obscured but I could still see something through the gaps. The set was short but sweet. 7 songs went by so fast and just seeing Hesketh play at an intimate venue was extremely special. At this point in time Victoria had only just released New In Town which was the lead single off of debut album Hands. New In Town managed to reach #13 in the UK singles chart while debut album Hands entered at #5 when it was released on 8th June. Only two more songs were taken from this album this being the infectious Remedy (#6) and Earthquake (#84).


Tune Into My Heart
New In Town
Stuck On Repeat


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