Gig Of The Month: #15 Slow Club @ The Enterprise 20th April 2009

Slow Club are a band whom I adore and the music that they play is so mellowing/ entrancing. Now this gig was very last minute. If I remember correctly tickets went on sale at the beginning of April. They performed for Bandstand Busking with Theoretical Girl on the 5th April and I had found out from Charles that only 100 tickets were available and the fact friends of theirs would be there too. So this gig looked set to be really intimate. Now Slow Club were amongst my favourite Folk bands along with Noah and the Whale, Mumford & Sons, Peggy Sue and Laura Marling.

Debut album Yeah So hadn’t even been released yet. The only releases they had out were Because We’re Dead, Me & You, It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful (which was to be released June 2009) and 2008’s Xmas digital single Christmas TV. They did release EP Let’s Fall Back In Love mid 2008. Most of the songs I had heard played live before apart from 1 song which Rebecca sang perfectly. Now that song we know now is the hidden Yeah So track Boys On Their Birthdays which was so entrancing and hypnotic. Back in 2009 people were calling it Too Much Crunkin’. Memorable points of the night were changing the “It’s Brutal” line in Christmas TV to “It’s Rudolph”. Also the encore was the final ever performance of Me and You. To start off with Rebecca struggled to start off this song but when she gets started the song picks up this pace. When the song approached the end Rebecca forgets the words. It didn’t matter because Slow Club have something that makes us love them when moments like these do ever happen. Now the reason why I suggested Me and You as a encore (people were shouting out suggestions) was due to the fact it was not appearing on the album. Once the set was over I spoke to Rebecca about this to find out that they had grown tired of the song.


Because We’re Dead
I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream
Giving Up On Love
Wild Blue Milk
It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful
Trophy Room
When I Go
There Is No Good Way To Say I’m Leaving You
Boys On Their Birthdays
Christmas TV


Me and You


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