Ellie Goulding @ Somerset House 15th July 2011

This was to be the last time Ellie Goulding would be playing in London as she is going back to conquer the American market. Based on this performance there is no reason why this wouldn’t be true. I have seen Goulding play on a number of different occasions in intimate venues and the slightly larger ones. But this performance has to be the best yet and I am guessing whilst Ellie is cracking America plenty of English fans would need their Goulding fix. Her last performance in the UK will be at V Festival and this echoes Florence and the Machine whom last two gigs were Somerset House and V Festival. My day started at 11am, I got to Somerset House being the first one there but it was about 10 minutes until the next lot started to queue. The doors weren’t opening until 7.30pm. Eight hours is a long time to queue but when your with Ellie Laver then that time just flies by. Fast forward to 15 minutes before doors and that is the most stressful part. You queue to be the first one there but when they split the queue (so they had 2 seperate queues) plus there were people on the opposite side thoughts do cross your mind thinking of what could go wrong. Once I was inside I managed to get to the barrier slightly to the right so no microphone stand obscured my view. The first act were New York based duo The Knocks. They took to the stage at 8.15pm and had a 30 minute slot. I have heard so many good things about them but have never heard any material by them. The 30 minute slot they played just sounded like one massive DJ set. I will give them another listen to as everything deserves a second chance. But after hearing them live for the first time didn’t result in me being captivated.

Around 9.30pm Ellie graces to a stage which was covered in rose petals. Before her entrance the opening of Under The Sheets started to play and the crowd were going crazy. I never knew how much I missed Goulding’s live shows until now. The moment she walked onto the stage there were loads of screams then the opening song that kicked off this magical night was Under The Sheets. This brilliant pop song was belted and this infectious number was delivered to absolute perfection. “Good Evening” Goulding said before launching into the wonderful This Love (Will Be Your Downfall). Again this was extremely uptempo and infectious as well. The chorus was delivered strongly and is my favourite part of this song. Why This Love was never released as a single does puzzle me. “Thankyou so much, Hello” Goulding said before diving into Every Time You Go. Everyone participated with the oh oh ohs at the beginning. Well this song was fantastic and the uptempo chorus was fantastic. It was clear to see Ellie was putting every ounce of energy into the song. “Thankyou so much for coming” Ellie then said before singing the beautiful Human which is about wanting to be a better person. I really enjoyed its uptempo verses and everyone joined in with the chorus.

Guns & Horses was up next and it was a real crowd pleaser every one was singing along to every single word. “It’s so good to be back” Ellie said before saying that she is going back to the States. It was then onto a song about being dumped and this being the first song Goulding wrote. The song in question was The End. People sang along to this beautiful song. It had a steady pace and the chorus is the best part. Ellie’s vocals were sheer perfection extremely sweet at the same time. “I’m so happy some people knew that” Ellie said after she had finished the song. Following on was a song about missing home quite alot. This being Wish I Stayed which again was one of the first songs she wrote. Now this song is ever so beautiful and its chorus is rather pacey. It was then onto a unique take on a song by Ellie’s favourite singer. This singer being Rihanna and the song being Only Girl (In The World). Goulding actually sang this on Radio 1’s Live Lounge. She owned this song and put her own twist on the song making it sound really amazing. “I absolutely love that song so thanks for letting me do that” Goulding said before launching into the cover she did at Christmas time. For this song Chris was on the piano and the song being Elton John’s Your Song. This track is both beautiful and emotional too. The way it is sung feels like it is very personal to you. Ellie’s own unique versions even has Elton John’s seal of approval. It was then onto The Writer which is about not changing for anyone. “Do sing along” Ellie said before launching into this beautiful slushy ballad. Everyone chanted away to the chorus of this song. “Awwww you’re so nice” Goulding said to the audiece after the massive round of applause that followed after The Writer had finished.

Home was next and I had never heard this Bright Lights track live. It was a real crowd pleaser and it was belted out with every ounce of energy. Straight after was the epic Salt Skin which is a song about running away. Straight after it was then into the albums title track Lights. Originally this song only featured on the iTunes version of the debut album. Now everyone sang along plus it was delivered extremely powerfully. “Thankyou guys your awesome, I want to see everyone moving to this one” Ellie said before launching into Animal. This was delivered perfectly and it had a powerful chorus. This song does get you moving as the beat was amazing. “So this next song is our final song so please sing along if you know it” Ellie said to the packed crowd before launching into the infectious Little Dreams. I loved this Bright Lights track and it sounded incredible hearing it live. The lyrics are fantastic and it had a gentle chorus. Goulding and the rest of the band leave the stage only to return minutes later. “Hello again, This is surreal playing here” Ellie said before saying this gig was special as it was the last show in London. Goulding then introduced the band. Your Biggest Mistake was extremely infectious and is also very uptempo. You can have a good dance to it. Again this is another song which would of made a good single. Only one song could cap off a truly special night and this being the infectious and powerful Starry Eyed. Everyone went crazy for this song .


Under The Sheets
This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
Every Time You Go
Guns & Horses
The End
Wish I Stayed
Only Girl (In The World)
Your Song
The Writer
Salt Skin
Little Dreams


Your Biggest Mistake
Starry Eyed

OVERALL: This phenomenal 17 song set went down a treat. Not only did Ellie play nearly all of the #1 album Lights but she sang all but one song from the additional tracks on Bright Lights. I would go as far as to say this was the best Goulding gig to date and I reckon many fans may share my opinion on that one.


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