Alice Gold @ Station Sessions, Kings Cross St Pancras 18th July 2011

The Station Sessions is a festival taking place in the heart of Kings Cross St Pancras during the rush hour. This festival took place at the end of 2010 and is back this year with some top name artists.  This free festival was in aid of The Princes Trust Music. I had already attended two station sessions this year so the location was not that hard to find. This was the date that intrigued me the most when I saw it listed on the Station Sessions website. The artist in question was Alice Gold whom was originally listed to open up the hour slot. I was intrigued by this because not only I am a fan of Alice’s work but she had supported on The Pierces sond out tour plus she played as part of the iTunes Festival 6 days prior and The Naked And Famous and White Lies were on that same bill. Alice Gold (or Alice McLaughlin if you go back to 2007) is currently signed to Fiction Records and her incredible album Seven Rainbows was only released 4th July 2011. I first saw her back in 2010 and Gold has blossomed since then.

Opening up the short set was How Long Have These Streets Been Empty?. This song was extremely upbeat and had catchy lyrics which sounded wonderful. The set was stripped back as it was only Alice and her drummer performing these tracks. “Hello, I’m Alice Gold, It’s a real pleasure and a real unique experience playing here in a station” before performing the aptly named Runaway Love which has been played on Radio 2. This song was very upbeat and slightly infectious as well. It was delivered strongly and I simply love the guitar riffs during this fantastic song. The next song was And You’ll Be There. Not even the tannoy announcement put her off. This is one of Alice’s favourite tracks off Seven Rainbows. The mellowing chorus was my favourite part of this song. This song was sung to sheer perfection. “Mr soundman I just want to turn it up” Gold said before launching into the next song. This song was the current single Cry Cry Cry was next and it is one amazing song. This pop song is really upbeat and infectious. The lyrics are straight and simple plus it wonderful at the same time. Also Alice was singing to a little girl she spotted in the audience. “It’s really to play in a station” Gold said before launching into Fairweather Friend. This fantastic song was belted out plus it had a fast pace as well. “This is the first track of my album it’s called Seasons Change it’s a very special track to me” Capping off the short but sweet was Seasons Change which was belted out at ease. Gold has a cracking pair of lungs and her vocals were powerful and strong. When Alice had finished she did say was there time for one more song unfortunately there wasn’t. Still this set was completely magical. Once Gold had finished fans went up to her to get items signed. Alice even had her gold pen with her. I even got to have a short chat and she is ever so nice.  Roll on the 4th August.


How Long Have These Streets Been Empty?
Runaway Love
And You’ll Be There
Cry Cry Cry
Fairweather Friend
Seasons Change

OVERALL: It was wonderful seeing an artist whose music I adore play at such an unusual venue. Just hearing Alice perform makes me look forward to The Lexington and V sets. Even though the performance wasn’t as loud as it could of been (Alice has a full band) it is always nice witnessing something that is so special.


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