Kyla La Grange @ The Lexington 12th July 2011

After I had left Rough Trade East it was then off to The Lexington. I had got there thinking that there would be no chance getting to the front. It did look pretty packed when I entered the upstairs venue. So I then weaved through the audience to find a massive amount of space right in front of the stage. I had just arrived intime for the headline act and this being Kyla La Grange. The night kicked of with debut single Walk Through Walls was this song was a slice of sheer brilliance. There are echoes of Coco Sumner within her vocals. It was an upbeat song with fantastic lyrics. It was then into a double dose of B sides the first being the other side of the newest single Been Better. The song was I Could Be. I actually really like this song ashame it only features as a B Side as I could see it as a contender for the debut album. “Hello, this is amazing” La Grange said before introducing her band. After the introductions it was into Walk Through Walls B Side Courage. Her vocals like I said are stunning and very distinctive as well. I really enjoyed its steady pace and the lyrics fitted perfectly with the melody. “The next song I’m going to play is a special night for this one” and this song was the reason why everyone was here. This being the newest single Been Better which had been released the day before. This song sounded fantastic and La Grange’s vocals are stunning. It may of sounded heavy as I was standing right at the front but Kyla’s vocals are really gentle. It was then into Heavy Stone. There was actually a folk feel to this song and it was sung at a fast pace plus it was delivered strongly. “The next song I’m going to play is a very very quiet one, so nobody leave” La Grange then joked to the audience. Well To Be Torn was a beautiful song the vocals were superb. The opening lines of the song sounded like the style of Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights. Kyla’s vocal range was stunning. After alot of cheers it was then into Vampire Smile which I have not heard live before. Still it was a fantastic song which was delivered strongly. Up next was my favourite song from the set and this being Walk. This song has to be on the album when it’s released. The song itself is really infectious and extremely uptempo. The penultimate song of the night Lambs followed straight after. I actually really enjoyed this song definately one that should appear on the debut album. “I never headlined a gig like this before” a humble Kyla said to the crowd after thanking everyone for coming to this special night. Ending the night was yet again another beautiful song and this being Catalyst which sounded amazing. “This is why you should never ask for a encore, very messy” Kyla said after trying to find a guitar plec. The night ended with the fantastic As If which sounded vocally amazing.


Walk Through Walls
I Could Be
Been Better
Heavy Stone
To Be Torn
Vampire Smile


As If

OVERALL: Kyla La Grange is someone to watch out for. If you haven’t seen her play or heard any of her music I advise you do so now. From the songs sung on the night the debut album will sound incredible.


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