iTunes Festival – My Chemical Romance @ Roundhouse 9th July 2011

My perception of a My Chemical Romance gig would be crushing, bruising and queuing up really really early just to get to the front barrier. Now with this being my first My Chemical Romance gig I had nothing to go on about how early I should turn up to the venue. All I knew was there had been 6 fans camping out the prior day plus the fact people were queuing early for the HMV Apollo gig. But the difference today was down to the fact you could only win tickets to this event. The fact there was not many people in the line when I turned up made people think that people won tickets were not actual fans of the band and just literally applied for anything they could whether if they won or not. I turned up at the Roundhouse at 9.30am. Pretty early and I expected there to be a long line of people but there was only 32 people there which I hadn’t expected. So getting a barrier spot was looking very promising. Fast forward to 6pm everyone was standing up as the time for doors to open was getting near. Actually the last 30 minutes or hour queuing is the most stressful part. You have the image where you want to stand but then you think what if I don’t get that spot, what if it takes a while to scan my ticket or what if the whole barrier is taken up. Once I had my wristband I sprinted up the stairs by passing people who were having their bags checked in hope to get a barrier spot. When inside I was surprised to get centre and a tiny bit to the right. So the thought of getting good photos wasn’t a distant dream it was a reality. The night kicked off with American band Evaline. The band oozed energy and they had some fantastic songs. My favourite being There There.

Now there were major differences beween this night and last night. The main difference were the crowd were more up for it as fans started to countdown from 60 seconds. Opening up the night was the introduction Look Alive Sunshine which is the opening track to the current album Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys. “London, make some noise” Gerard Way said to the crowd the moment he took to the stage. The first song on the night was the first single of the current album and this being Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na). The energy was supercharged. The noise was deafening but amazing at the same time as I was witnessing something special. After they delved into their back catalogue and sung Give ‘Em Hell Kid from 2nd album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. They blitzed through this song. “Give me that” Gerard then said to some fans whom had a banner which was the British flag which he then wore as a cape for the next song. “London, thanks so much how you been?” Gerard said before mentioning that his daughter would be watching at home. It was then onto Planetary (GO!) and there was plenty of singing along plus people jumping up and down. Now this was the third single taken from Danger Days. It is a song which is extremely upbeat. “You guys want to hear a song from our second record Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge” Way then said to the packed crowd before launching into Hang ‘Em High a song about Cowboys and Cowgirls. This was a powerful song and you could tell that every ounce of energy was being put into it. They the delved into the third EP The Black Parade and played Mama. Before the song started everyone raised their hands in the air. Mama is actually really infectious and The Black Parade has to be one of my favourite My Chemical Romance albums as there isn’t a single bad track on that album. The Only Hope For Me Is You which features on the current album was next on the night and it was delivered powerfully. Everyone in the audience was enjoying every single second.

“It feels like the MCR Army in London is the strongest” Gerard then said before launching into Summertime. Now Summertime is a song about love and it had a complete different vibe compared to the other songs sung on the night. It was then back to the 2nd album for I’m Not Okay (I Promise) and literally everyone was going crazy. This fast paced song was rather energetic. Vampire Money was next and Gerard was wearing a British neckerchief. If I am honest this song did not strike a chord with me. Still it was delivered strongly and everyone was loving this song. DESTROYA was next and this was an infectious song. I loved the beat of this song. It was so loud I originally thought the song was S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W at first. After the first couple of keys were played for the next song you knew what was up next. This being Welcome To The Black Parade. At the start the song is slow and ballad – esque then gets faster towards the mid point. “This is a magical night” Gerard said before Sing. Even if you are not a MCR fan you would of heard this song because it was covered on Glee. Sing was delivered powerfully and it wasn’t as heavy as previous songs on the night. Lots of people were singing along to this song.

It was then back to a song from The Black Parade and this being Teenagers which did acheive the screams the very moment Gerard said this was the next song. The song was delivered perfectly and there was plenty of energy oozing from this song. The chorus to Teenagers is amazing plus the beat was fantastic. The penultimate song was Vampures Will Never Hurt You. This song was taken from the bands debut album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. Ending ths epic night was yet another oldie and this being Helena. People were chanting the lyric What’s the worst that I could say. Helena was the best song to end on as it was like a roller coaster plus the crowd were completely loving this song. Even though they said “So long and goodnight” during this song that turned out not to be true. Once they left the stage moments later Gerard came back onto the stage. For a moment it looked as if an encore wasn’t coming as everything went completely silent. The first encore song was Cancer which Gerard sang beautifully. Gerard then introduced the band and said the next song The Kids From Yesterday is for everyone who dyed their hair a f*cked up colour. This song capped off one magical night.


Look Alive Sunshine
Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
Give ‘Em Hell Kid
Planetary (GO!)
Hang ‘Em High
The Only Hope For Me Is You
I’m Not OK (I Promise)
Vampire Money
Welcome To The Black Parade
Vampires Will Never Hurt You


Kids From Yesterday

OVERALL: My first My Chemical Romance gig resulted in me wanting to experience them live again. The band put in a spectacular performance in a venue which they will never play again. As Gerard had said this was a magical night and the atmosphee from the crowd was electric. My experience at the front is something I won’t forget in a hurry. I was ever so thankful with the position I had and I was extremely cautious not to get pushed out a la Green Day at Wembley Stadium and Paramore at o2 Arena. I managed to keep my spot but suffered internal bruising which was to be expected. It was nice that they played old material and didn’t completely focus on the current album. To be honest I haven’t heard much from Danger Days but after seeing them live I definately want to get my hands on a copy. One surprise I did have was the fact there was no mosh pit. There were crowd surfers and fainters but no mosh pit. I thought being in the centre or near to the centre would be the worst place if you wanted to stay crushed free.


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