Cloud Control @ The Social 6th July 2011

I won’t lie but Cloud Control are one of my favourite bands after having seen them play 6 times within the past month. So Cloud Control took to the stage at 10pm and the set played was exactly the same as the prior week. Still they signed off this special night in style. Opening up the night was Ghost Story. There is one line that sums the song up “I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up”. This song was very enegetic and powerful as well. Conrad was yet again filling in for Jeremy and it seems that he has cemented his place in the band. Actually I am really impressed with how good he is. “I think that’s the fastest we have ever played that song, This is our final residency tonight, thanks guys for coming along” Heidi then said to the audience. The band then launched themselves into the uptempo That Is What I Said. You can pick up on the songs Folk vibe and the harmonising is fantastic. I actually am reminded of Charlie Fink from Noah and the Whale. “I just want to say that tonight is a bit special coz not only this is the last Aviary we have heaps of family here” Alister then said to the audience before Conrad mentioned that they had played with Arcade Fire the day before. The next song which followed on was the powerful Death Cloud. I like how the vocals all gel together. “Anyone from last week here” Alister then went onto say. I decided to put up my hand instead of shouting out. Alister then looked at me and said “You’ve been here every week” before saying to the audience “This guy came to every week”. Heidi then went onto say “That’s dedication” and getting a round of applause was nice. The reason I went to every single night was down to the fact that the support acts were superb and the fact Cloud Control are an amazing band. “This one’s for you pal”  Alister said to me before playing the uptempo My Fear. This song was very gentle and easy on the ear. The Rolling Stone was the next song of the evening. This song is gentle, mellowing and chilled out at the same time. Up next was Just For Now. This was the second time I had heard this song live and it is mainly sung by Alister with the harmonising coming from Heidi. It sounded amazing, gentle and mellowing all at the same time. It was then onto ta non Bliss Release song and this being Into The Line. The songs opening did give it that dark vibe. The final trio of songs have been/ will be singles. Gold Canarywas the first and this is the forthcoming single and I would go as far to say it is the show piece song off the album Bliss Release. The harmonising was wonderful plus this song was extremely upbeat at the same time. “I want to say thanks so much to Dry The River and Monument Valley”Alister then said to the audience before the band launched into penultimate song Mediation Song #2 (Why, Oh Why). This song has a summer vibe to it plus it was infectious. Personally my favourite part of this song has to be the chorus. “Thankyou all so much for coming tonight” Alister then went onto say before the final song of the night. The extremely infectious There’s Nothing In The Water We Can’t Fight. Heidi’s backing vocals were sublime and the chorus was really mesmerising.


Ghost Story
This Is What I Said
Death Cloud
My Fear
The Rolling Stone
Just For Now
Into The Line
Gold Canary
Mediation Song #2 (Why, Oh Why)
There’s Nothing In The Water We Can’t Fight

OVERALL: Cloud Control signed off their 4 week residency in style. Over the 4 weeks they have had some top notch support acts and these being Plant Plants, Cymbals, Daughter, Big Deal, Talkers, Alpines and now Monument Valley and Dry The River. I had heard of Dry The River and Mnument Valley before but I hadn’t really listened to the music. Still I was impressed especially with Dry The River who did a song without the aid of a microphone.


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