Pocket Satellite @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen 3rd July 2011

Pocket Satellite are a band whom every lover of Folk/ Pop music should go and witness. If you are a fan of Slow Club then you will love this 5 piece band. Pocket Satellite conist of Maya Zosmer, Carl Haag, Richard Falk and siblings Ruth and Tom Dixon. Now I have seen them play live only the three times however before that I was literally addicted to their EP Toy Train. So once I found out that they were playing a set at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen I had to attend. This band are amazing and the first two EP’s Toy Train and Paper Aviator are so addictive that you have to play them over and over again. Doors were listed as opening at 6.30pm but as per usual they didn’t open on time. Still when waiting I was able to watch Ramona support Manic Street Preachers via the Itunes Festival app on the Ipod. The joys of having free Wi Fi. The doors opened 2 hours later so I then went inside and sat down during the first set. Pocket Satellite took to the stage at 9.15 and the set consisted of oldies with a couple of new ones added in for good measure. It started off with a mesmerising keyboard introduction by Ruth which did gain the cheers then they went straight into Toy Train.  This song was amazing and the lyrics are fantastic. Carl’s and Maya’s vocals compliment one another perfectly. “Maya’s not feeling well” Carl then said to the audience before launching into the fun song Windows. This upbeat song was sung by both Carl and Maya. Even though this song is slightly cheesy it is extremely catchy at the same time. “So we’re going to play a new one now” Carl said to the audience before Maya said the song was called This Town (In fact the song still hasn’t got a official title). This was a cracking song and I absolutely adore it. Plus there was plenty of glockenspeil. I look forward to hearing the studio version of this song and hopefully it will have a name by then. “That’s songs called Steve, maybe we should just stick with that “ Zosmer said referring to what the song was save as on the laptop. It was then onto the whimsical Rocks In Shoes. I love this song and it has to be my favourite. This song has a wonderful stop motion video accompanying the song. Back to Rocks In Shoes it was delivered superbly, it’ really mellowing and mesmerising at the same time. The glokenspiel parts in the song reminds me of Apples and Pairs by Slow Club. Following on was the title track of the bands current EP and this being Paper Aviator. This was a lovely song and it also continues with the fascination of space within the lyrics. The penultimate song on the night was another brand new one this being Pixelated Views. This song was very upbeat and the majority is sung by Maya with the rest of the band harmonising. Also when the song is approaching the end Maya swaps postitions with Tom and showed off her drum skills. Ending the night was the opening track of the the current EP Paper Aviator. This again was another fun song and this being the rip roaring Man On A Boat. Now this song just oozed plenty of energy and it was plain to see that the band were having fun singing this song. This song was delivered strongly plus they stormed through this song which resulted it being over in a flash.


Toy Train
This Town (TBC)
Rocks In Shoes
Paper Aviator
Pixelated Views
Man On A Boat


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