Erin K & Tash @ Station Sessions, Kings Cross St Pancras 28th June 2011

The Station Sessions is a festival taking place in the middle of Kings Cross St Pancras during the rush hour. This festival took place at the end of 2010 and is back this year with some top name artists. Unfortunately I did not attend last year due to the snow hindering the session I was going to attend. So when looking through the line up of artists playing I saw Erin K & Tash would be playing a 30 minute slot. Now I have been a supporter of this band ever since I first saw them support The Langely Sisters back in 2009. Having attended the Station Session Nerina Pallot was playing I was able to find the location of the stage very easily. They were in their third week of this free festival which was in aid of The Princes Trust Music. So I got there around 5.15pm. The session didn’t start till 6 but I was seeing Cloud Control that evening as well. Actually it all worked out rather nicely. Opening up was Tankus The Henge and I enjoyed the short 15 minute set they played. It oozed plenty of energy.

Headlining was Erin K & Tash and I completely adore this band. The set was different to when I have seen them in the past because Erin was told to water down the songs to not include any swearing. This made the prospect of hearing Jiggy Miggy played live rather interesting. Kicking off the short 8 song set was This Boy. This happy song is beautiful at the same time. In fact it is quite mellowing and I really liked the softness in the vocals. It was then onto the fast paced Oh Well. This was a light hearted song which never fails to make you smile. This song has really good lyrics that fit perfectly with the melody. Tash’s harmonised perfectly. This song is a gentle light song and is one of my personal favourites. Erin however does not make the kazoo noise during this song. “This song is about baking cupcakes in Texas” Erin told the audience before playing The Sexy Cupcake. The song had a beat to it and you never would expect to make such a fantastic song about making cupcakes. It was then onto Jiggy Miggy which Erin introduced as being a song about a love buddy. The song has plenty of sexual innuendos but doesn’t contain any bad language whatsoever (apart from the word Screw which Erin left out). It was then onto a cover of The Moldy Peaches Anyone Else But You. Now I love The Moldy Peaches and just hearing them covering this fantastic song was absolutely wonderful. It may have been the first time they had played the song but everyone else seemed to really enjoyed this song. The mellowing Coins followed on and I love this song. It is ever so gentle and there is a slight fast pace. When this band do sign a record deal I feel Coins is a strong contender to be the debut single. Next was onto Tash’s Dum Dum Song. Even though Tash does not like the song I really enjoy it along with Clippety Clop which she also wrote. The song shows off her excellent song writing skills. Still both Erin and Tash bounce off one another for this song and it was played at a fast pace.The short but sweet set was rounded off with the fast paced Hard Landing.


This Boy
Oh Well
The Sexy Cupcake
Jiggy Miggy
Anyone Else But You
Dum Dum Song
Hard Landing


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