Gig Of The Month: #014 Mumford & Sons @ ICA 4th March 2009

Looking back it is easy to spot a gig which was special. This was well and truly a I was there moment. I have been to a couple of special gigs over the past year and these being Robbie Williams at the Roundhouse in 2009, Joan Jett at 100 Club in 2010 and Jessie J at Barfly in 2011. What makes this Mumford gig the highlight of March 2009 (beating the likes of Noah and the Whale, Chew Lips, Garry Go and Amy Studt) is the down to the fact how massive they are at this present time. At this present time Mumford and Sons are massive. They have already conquered America, played Glastonbury 2011 and also they played a sold out UK tour at the end of the year (which they played two nights at HMV Apollo). So seeing them in the intimate ICA was really something. Intimacy wise the smallest place I had seen them play was at Puregroove October 2009.

Still this night at the ICA featured fantastic support from Alessi’s Ark and Sons Of Noel and Adrian. But it was Mumford and Sons who I was most anticipating seeing. The band already had 2 EPs under thier sleeves (Lend Me Your Eyes and Love Your Ground which were released in 2008) plus the final EP was The Cave And The Open Sea which was  to be released May 2009. Well the set was a taster of what to expect from the debut album Sigh No More which was released towards the end of 2009. Plus you had tracks from the EPs such as Feel The Tide, Hold On To What You Believe. Actually the only songs from the EPs to make the album were Roll Away Your Stone, White Blank Page, Awake My Soul, Little Lion Man and The Cave. So it was nice that the majority of songs played I had heard of. I actually remember them playing a song they called Pompey as they wrote it in Portsmouth. This song would later turn into I Gave You All. Also they ended with the fortcoming tracks on the 3rd EP this being The Cave and No, Not Up For It. In fact by the time the EP was available to purchase No, Not Up For It became But My Heart Told My Head which was then known as Winter Winds by the time the feature length album hit the stores.

Mumford and Sons are one amazing folk band and it is no surprise they have acheived so much success.


Sigh No More
Little Lion Man
Awake My Soul
White Blank Page
Feel The Tide
Hold On To What You Believe
I Gave You All
Roll Away Your Stone
No, Not Up For It
The Cave


Dust Bowl Dance


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