Gig Of The Month: #012 Lily Allen @ Koko 28th January 2009

This was my first gig of 2009 and only gig in January. So technically it wins Gig Of The Month by default. I had never seen Lily Allen play live before all I had to go on was the amazing debut album Alright Still. This evening was a showcase of material from the album It’s Not Me, It’s You. I had purchased my ticket through the pre sale link that was on a blog Allen posted when Myspace was still the in thing. As expected the tickets got snapped up instantly. I actually remember one tout wanting £80 for a ticket. This was definately the hottest thing in Camden. . On the night there was no support acts just a 2 hour DJ Set by Lily’s ex boyfriend Seb Chew. At 9.10pm Allen took to the stage wearing a black top, black sparkly hot pants and black heels.

Well the set was 14 songs long. Three being old songs, 10 new and a amazing version of Britney Spears’s Womanizer. The evening was incredible and the crowd atmosphere was electric. Now I had only heard a couple of songs from the 2nd album whis being The Fear which had been released that very week and if I remember correctly the other was Fuck You but the demo had a different name. Hearing new music for the first time is a double edge sword. First you can make a opinion straight away and Secondly songs sometime take a while to go on you. There was not a single bad song on the night after hearing them for the first time I was really impressed. The album wasn’t going to be all pop as Allen sung Back To The Start which was an electro number and also Not Fair and Never Gonna Happen both had a country vibe.


Everyone’s At It
I Could Say
Not Fair
Fuck You
Who’d Have Known
Never Gonna Happen
Go Back To The Start
Littlest Things
The Fear

All in all this night was magical. Looking back it was no surprise that this album shot straight to Number 1. The album spawned 4 singles these being The Fear, Not Fair, 22 and Back To The Start (which was released especially for Record Store Day 2010). Unfortunately they couldn’t acheive the same sucess as #1 single The Fear (Not Fair reached #5, 22 reached #14 and Back To The Start didn’t chart). Now Lily is now in retirement and has not gigged since supporting Muse September 2010 (she did appear at launch events for Lucy In Disguise in Leeds and Birmingham). Lily recently got married to Sam Cooper and the couple are expecting their first child.


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