Gig Of The Month: #011 The A Sides @ The Lexington 23rd December 2008

This was my last gig of 2008 and it took place 2 days before Christmas. Noah and the Whale whom I had seen quite a few times over the year launched a side project The A Sides. They had an EP out called Noah and the Whale Presents The A Sides and this was like a EP launch. I remember making a diversion to Puregroove to pick up the EP as I wanted to get it signed by the bannd. But Puregroove had completely sold out of this release. So I then made my way to Kings Cross Saint Pancras then walked up to the pub. Bands who were playing that night included Swanton Bombs, Arthur Delaney and King Charles. When The A Sides took to the stage the crowd were told The A Sides had split up and we were treated with The Chocolate Weather Report. The first song was Gotta Let Go. Charlie teased the crowd by ending the song then speaking then finishing off the song again with the line you gotta let go. The next song was a amazing cover of When A Man Loves A Woman. After the song Charlie announced The A Sides had performed. They then sang Setting Sun which was the last song. Doug, Urby and Tom needed to fill in when Charlie left the stage. Charlie then returned with some drumsticks. Well when the song had finally finished Charlie threw them into the crowd. A very kind girl gave me one of the drum sticks. Even though the set was kept to just 3 songs it was no way near a short set. The songs played were like 6 minutes each. After I snuck into the area where Charlie, Tom and Doug were chilling. They signed the EP under their A Sides aliases and then the drumstick.  When I left the pub I met Urby outside. He signed the EP and drumstick for me. I then left and made the walk back to Kings Cross with the knowledge that being at that album launch was the best way to end 2008.


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