Alex Winston @ The Borderline 20th June 2011

This gig was intended to take place on 18th May at XOYO but then it got rescheduled a month later but at another venue The Borderline which is situated in Soho. The reason behind the rescheduling of the gig was down to focus on the upcoming album. Judging by the 10 strong set that Winston performed the new album will be a right cracker. I would guess that the change of venue was down to capacity Alex hadn’t sold out the 800 capacity XOYO so they changed the venue to the much smaller venue The Borderline. Even though the night was not a sell out I would say it was very near to full capacity. Backtracking I arrived at the venue at 5pm and it then decided to rain. At first it started as a shower then it became non stop. I sheltered in Foyles directly opposite. I then made my way back at 6.40pm and sheltered inside. 10 minutes the doors opened and I made my way downstairs and waited a hour till the support act Saul Ashby took to the stage. Well the time waiting went fast because I had friends there whom I had only found out were going to the gig that very day. What can I say about Saul Ashby. I actually enjoyed this 6 song set. The style of the music they sung was Folk and the lead singer actually reminded me of Charlie Fink from Noah and the Whale.

Alex Winston who is an Michagan born Musician deserves every bit of success she can get. Based on the EP and the set she played there is no doubt that she will be a name on everybodys lips by the time the year ends. The set was packed with a punch. Winston put every drop of energy making this performance memorable. The set consisted of 9 songs 3 of which were taken from this EP. Don’t Care About Anything was spontaneously added to the set list as well. Back to the actual performance the choice of music she came onto was rather strange. When Alex, her Sister Wives and the rest of the band took to the stage the music that was played was The Elephants Came In Two By Two. Once they were all on stage Alex launched into brand new song Fire Ant. This upbeat song had a frantic pace then slowed down. There was plenty of energy in the song and it gave the crowd a taste of what to expect from the debut album when it is finally released this August. “Thankyou” Winston said before launching into the beautiful Last One Standing which does not feature on the EP. Still it doesn’t stop it from a fantastic song which has some amazing verses. The chorus sounds amazing and the harmonising was spot on. “We’re so happy to be here with you guys it’s so nice to see some familiar faces” Winston said before launching into the first EP song this being Locomotive. The song was really energetic and the way it opened up was incredible. Also it showed off Alex’s amazing vocal range and her Sister Wives harmonise to perfection. “So we’re going to do a couple of new ones for you tonight” Winston said before getting stuck into Velvet Elvis. During Locomotive Alex knocked her can of drink over which emptied out all over the stage. There was plenty of clapping during this powerful song. She definately has alot of stage presence. “It’s actually a swimming pool up here” Alex said referring to the amount of beer was on the stage. “It’s Sarah’s birthday tonight can we wish her a happy birthday round of applause“. Everyone then clapped then they launched into Host. This song was more laid back compared to the other songs on the night and it also had a smooth chorus. The verses were also very upbeat. Next was the feel good anthem Sister Wife. Everyone was clapping to this song in unison. Well this song is uptempo, contagious and is very energetic.  The chorus was amazing. It was then onto something that Alex wanted to play for a special occasion. This being Don’t Care About Anything which she hadn’t played for 2 and a half months. This song was lovely as Winston was playing it on her acoustic guitar. I enjoyed this stripped down song and at the same time it was spine tingling. Now where were we” she then said before launching into the energetic Choice Notes. This is probably the most main stream song as it was used as the background music of the Hyundi adverts in Europe and the UK and more recently the TK Maxx adverts. It was clear to see that they were having fun on stage. This was an uplifting song. Alex then took to the electric guitar for the penultimate song on the night The Fold. Even though Alex was on electic guitar the song wasn’t to over heavy. The verses were actually rather luscious. “If you don’t clap during this last song I will come and get you”. The final song of what was a truly special night was Medicine. This song does not appear on the mini album Sister Wife but did appear as a AA side with Choice Notes. This song saw Winston stand on top of the drum, continuosly whacking the drumskin and she also came into the crowd. This energetic song capped of a wonderful night. Once the set was over people then started to exit the venue as no encore would be forthcoming.


Fire Ant
Last One Standing
Velvet Elvis
Sister Wife
Don’t Care About Anything
Choice Notes
The Fold

OVERALL: This night was amazing and the fact it was played at The Borderline made it feel more intimate. Alex Winston is definately someone to keep your eye on. The debut EP Sister Wife is amazing and the debut full length album will be something special. Out of the songs that were sung on the night I can see 5 of them appearing on that album. I am guessing the album will be fresh so songs such as Choice Notes or any that appeared on the Mini Album will feature on the full length. Well the set that was played this night was incredible. The songs were bubble gum pop which were infectious at the same time.


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  1. Monika says:

    Hello, who can HELP us finding out the LYRICS of the great song “last one standing” by Alex Winston? Its not so easy to understand (for Germans)… thank you very much!!!

  2. Monika says:

    Could anybody help uns to understand the LYRICS os Alex Winstons song “last one standing” ? Where can we find the lyrics written ?? Thank you from Germany!

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