Nerina Pallot @ Station Sessions, Kings Cross St Pancras 17th June 2011

The Station Sessions was a festival taking place over 7 weeks. The moment I saw Nerina Pallot was due to play as part of this festival I jumped at the chance of attending. Well this gig took place in the strangest of places and this being the centre of Kings Cross station. I actually turned up around 5.15pm after getting a little lost trying to find the stage. This was my first Station Sessions after I could not attend the Pearl & The Puppets set last December because of the treacherous weather conditions. Artists who play at the Station Sessions get a 30 minute slot but Nerina got the full hour making this something special and memorable. Around 5.45pm Nerina started to soundcheck and people were gathered around the stage. Pallot had to remind the crowd that this wasn’t the gig but just the soundcheck. Nerina then nipped off for a quick change then came back to sing songs for fans and passers by. Even though this Festival is free it is also in support of The Princes Trust Music so charitable donations were greatly welcomed.

The set comprised of some oldies and tracks from Year Of The Wolf which had been released that week. Once Pallot took to the stage there was plenty of applause. She wasn’t by herself and joining her was a string quartet. Opening up the night was Butterfly and this song was beautifully sung on acoustic guitar. Even though it is steady in pace, it is extremely upbeat at the same time. “Thankyou very much, My name is Nerina Pallot and I’m hear to play you a few songs” Nerina said before trying to open a glass of Rose. It was then onto Idaho which did get a couple of chuckles because of the tannoy system. This beautiful song was played perfectly on the keyboard and the string quartet was backing her up. The song was steady paced and had lyrics that were delivered powerfully. The tannoy system went off again and then Nerina did her Eurovision bit and spoke in French before saying “I was going to sing some of my songs in French but honeslty it would just sound like Elephants”. It was then onto the lovely All Bets Are Off which got its airing on one of Nerina’s Ustream sessions at the beginning of the year. This song was ever so beautiful and the sting section does add that extra something. “Thankyou I got temporarily distracted by the nice man telling us all to go Brussels”. Pallot’s witty banter then continuted “The most exciting place I go to is Sainsburys”. The next song of the evening was Grace. This song was interesting because it sounded different in style compared to the other tracks on the album. Still Grace was delivered perfectly and the song was really powerful. It was then onto the uptempo Turn Me On Again which sounded fantastic. The lyrics were brilliant especially the chorus. “Are you all having fun” Pallot said to the audience before launching into the shagging song Geek Love. I liked how the lyrics geled to the melody played on the keyboard making it extremely beautiful. Sophia then followed on straight away. This song sounded beautiful and was delivered to complete perfection. “I’ve been debating whether to play you the next song because its probably the saddest song I’ve written” Nerina then went said before going onto say that she fell apart singing the song on radio the prior Monday. So after waiting for the tannoy system to finish the announcements it was then onto the emotional song History Boys. No wonder Nerina fell apart singing it. Everyone was quiet for this song even the tannoy system didn’t go off. Well this song was powerful and you knew Nerina was putting everything she could into this song. The beautiful Will You Still Love Me was next up and this song was delivered strongly. Pallot had said this was the time to raise a cosmopolitan in the air if you had one. Once over the string quartet were introduced to the audience before Nerina launched into My Last Tango which is a tale of unrequited love. This powerful performance was then capped off by the current single Put Your Hands Up. Pallot did have the audience laughing when she said she had her own charity which was buy Nerina Pallot’s album. This infectious song was extremely uptempo and had a wonderful chorus. Unfortunately there was no hand raising. Just seeing Nerina Pallot play in such an intimate envioroment was the perfect way t see in the weekend.


All Bets Are Off
Turn Me On Again
Geek Love
History Boys
Will You Still Love Me
My Last Tango
Put Your Hands Up


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