Nerina Pallot @ Rough Trade West 18th June 2011

This was the first time I had attended Rough Trade West. It didn’t help that I had got a little lost trying to find this small record shop. The closest tube station to the store was Ladbroke Grove but the Circle and Hammersmith & City lines which run through it were closed. This meant I had to go to Notting Hill Gate and then walk. Thankfully it wasn’t raining which was a result because it had been thundering earlier on in the day. So I then stated to walk from Notting Hill to Ladbroke Grove. It came to 4.15pm and I still wasn’t at Rough Trade so I decided to go to a bus station to look at the little map to see what road to go up. Once I had found out how to get there I then ran to the store as the set started at 5pm. When I had reached Rough Trade West I was surprised to see how small it actually was. For a moment I thought that Nerina would of been playing in the Vintage part of the store which was in the basement. I then found out she would be playing behind the counter, so I purchased the Year Of The Wolf on vinyl and just stood there till the set started. So as it approaches 5pm Nerina arrives with Wolfie in tow. This set was really special not with the fact Pallot was standing on a stool behind the counter but the fact it was just her voice and her acoustic guitar. The fast tempoed Turn Me On Again was the first song of the evening. This song was delivered to perfection. Pallot’s vocals were ever so strong and I’m sure everyone heard perfectly considering she did not have a microphone. “Thankyou very much, if you’ve just stumbled in here and you were hoping to buy a record, I apologise you’ve got half a hour of this nonsense”. It was then onto All Bets Are Off which was a song about heartbreak. Still this strong steady paced song was really beautiful. Even though Nerina had mentioned that her tuner had given up the song still sounded fantastic. Straight after it was into Mr King. This was a slow song which gathers pace and gets more powerful when it is progresses. There is something that makes a chill go up your spine. Nerina then mentioned that her boss 12 years ago was called Mr King and he tried to warn her about the music industry but Pallot didn’t listen. “I fancy doing some Beyonce” Nerina said before launching into her own take on the #1 single Crazy In Love. This was a faultless take on this song and Pallot put her unique stamp on it. It was extremely upbeat and very powerful at the same time. Sophia then followed on straight after. This beautiful ballad sent shivers up my spine. Plenty of energy was put into this song. “Do you want a sad song or obsessive song” before launching into Put Your Hands Up. “It’s sort of like obsession masquerading as pop. I don’t really know what that means I just said it to sound clever”. Still this uptempo song has a infectious chorus. This is a disco number which will have you singing along. There is also part of the song which is really upbeat. “I’m going to play one more song and then I will leave you in peace” said before capping off the evening with Grace. This song is Pallot’s favourite songs she has ever written and it is about trying to fix people. This lovely song had a eerie silence as everyone was standing tranfixed hearing this song being delivered to sheer perfection. After Nerina stuck around to meet the fans and sign items. I had my copy of Year Of The Wolf signed then left. I am guessing it was quite a while until someone (who wasn’t there for Nerina) could pay for their purchase. One thing I have leart about Nerina is she can ramble and talk to people for ages. Still it was a fantastic instore and Year Of The Wolf is one amazing album.


Turn Me On Again
All Bets Are Off
Mr King
Crazy In Love
Put Your Hands Up


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