The Pierces @ Bush Hall 16th June 2011

This time I had a ticket but still turned up 3 hours before doors. I just didn’t want there to be another case of photographers going in first taking up the front row. Well no photographers did turn up so I could get to the front without stressing out. This was the 5th time I had seen the sisters who hail from Birmingham, Alabama and judging by these two nights it won’t be the last. The support was top notch as well. I love Delta’s style of Country Blues music and with Alice on the bill made these gigs to good to turn down. So once the doors opened at 7.30 it was only a 15 minute wait till the first act took to the stage.

“Hello everyone, My name’s Delta Maid, I’m going to play some Country Blues” Katie said before opening up with Broken Branches. Thhis is a nice steady paced song which is delivered to perfection. You can clearly pick up on the Country Blues vibe. This song was delivered with plenty of passion and you could see Foulkes loved every single second. “Thanks so much, I’m a massive Country fan and this next song was heavily inspired by alot of the Country I listen to“. This song being the sweet All I Dreamed which sounded beautiful. The vocals were stunning and sickly sweet. This song was also played at a fast pace. After plenty of applause it was then onto her unique take on Eric Bibb’s Don’t Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down. The song was very upbeat and you could sense the Blues twang. Foulkes put her own stamp of originality on this song and it was sung faultlessly. It was then into Dance With My Broken Heart which was a tad emotional. You could tell that there was plenty of passion in this song and the vocals were simply amazing. Next was Anyway I Want To which was dedicated to the girl from Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester. This beautiful song was the upbeat there was a steady pace to this song. It was sung faultlessly and the lyrics were perfect. Ending the short set was Spend A Little Time With Me. This song is the forthcoming single and it a ode to the WAGS and how Foulkes is not part of the WAG culture. This light hearted song was very infectious and had excellent lyrics. From the 7 songs played it makes Delta Maid someone everyone should check out. Even if you don’t like Blues/ Country music the songs do grow on you.


Broken Branches
All I Dreamed
Don’t Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down
Dance With My Broken Heart
Anyway I Want To
Spend A Little Time

As soon as Alice took to the stage she immediately launched herself into the opening number. The 8 song set was a taster of what is to come from forthcoming album Seven Rainbows. The first song being Seasons Change which was belted out at ease. Gold has a cracking pair of lungs and her vocals were powerful and strong. Considering she lost her voice and pulled out the Bristol gig she put everything into the final two London dates. “Thankyou very much” she then said after the applause. The next song on the night was Runaway Love which is both upbeat and infectious at the same time. During the song Gold found herself multi tasking by playing the guitar and shaking the tambourine. It was then into How Long Have These Streets Been Empty?. The start of this song and the ending of Runaway Love had been infused together. Well the song was extremely upbeat and had catchy lyrics which sounded wonderful. “For those that don’t know my name is Alice Gold” Alice said after when How Long Have These Streets Been Empty? The next song was And I’ll Be There. This is one of Alice’s favourite tracks off the forthcoming album. The mellowing chorus was my favourite part of this song. Again the ending of this song was infused with the beginning of the upbeat Conversations Of Love. This song was delivered faultlessly and it was clear to see that Gold was putting every ounce of energy into the song. The next single Cry Cry Cry was next and it is one amazing song. This pop song is really upbeat and infectious. The lyrics are straight and simple and it wonderful at the same time. Things were slowed down for Sadness Is Coming. Alice had put the guitar down for this song. It actually showcased her stunning vocals. The song itself was very gentle. There was no time for banter after as the band went straight into the last song Orbiter which was actually Alice’s debut single. This was a powerful performance of this song and was very uptempo as well. Gold had put everything into this 30 minute set which definately saw her gain more fans. For a moment I thought her voice was going a little as the first night at Bush Hall was slightly better vocally. Still I was majorly impressed with Alice’s 30 minute set and everyone should buy debut album Seven Rainbows when it is released this coming July. I look forward to when I next see Alice play live. Surely there must be an album release party.


Seasons Change
Runaway Love
How Long Have These Streets Been Empty?
And I’ll Be There
Conversations Of Love
Cry Cry Cry
Sadness Is Coming

“Thankyou” Catherine said the moment the sisters had made their entrance on the pitch black stage. Love You More opened up the set and it featured on the self titled EP  which was released last year. The majority is sung by Catherine with Allison providing the harmonies. Catherine just belted out this song and it sounded incredible. I liked the opening chords of the guitar just as the song starts. It was then into I Will Not Be Forgotten straight away and this song sounded really beautiful. Also the harmonising between the sisters was amazing and spot on. This was a gentle folk song which was perfectly sung plus the lyrics were fantastic. “This next song is called Drag You Down” Catherine told the audience before saying its about how you get to the pattern of going out every night. The song was Drag You Down. Again their vocals gel together which results in a fantastic song. The lyrics were fantastic and I especially liked the opening verse. It was then onto a new song from the record and this being Space & Time. This time this beautiful song was faultlessly played live. There was so much energy put into the song and it showcased Allison’s vocals perfectly. “This next song some of you have nicknamed the 1 2 3 song” Catherine said before they both get stuck into the beautiful You’ll Be Mine. This song was very uptempo and uplifting at the same time. There was plenty of foot stomping and hand clapping for  Sticks And Stones. This featured on the last album Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge. It is a infectious song and has a the chorus has a furious pace. It was then onto the ever so lovely The Good Samaritan.  Audience wise the night before was better because the crowd could not keep quiet throughout this song which was ashame. It was then into Close My Eyes straight away. This upbeat song was played at a steady pace. Both Catherine and Allison belted out this fantastic album track. It was then into the powerful Kissing You Goodbye straight away. There was so much energy put into this song. “This next song is about how virtually noone can keep a secret” Catherine said before launching into Secret.  This is probably the most mainstream song due to the fact it has been played in some TV shows. There are also strong folk roots throughout this song. Secret tself is extremely haunting when you carefully listen to the lyrics.

Catherine said the introduction for the beautiful We Are Stars. This song was lovely, very light and smooth as well. I loved the lyrics especially the chorus. This song was dedicated to the whole audience and We Are Stars definately has strong single potential.  Capping off the night was the most recent single Glorious which Allison dedicates to everyone in the audience. This capped off what had been a magical night. Both Catherine and Alison sang this powerful song which was delivered superbly. Catherine dedicated this song to Guy Berryman.  “You guys were amazing” Catherine said when they exited the stage. Moments later they made their return and there was plenty of applause. “That was unexpected” Allison said before launching into the lovely I Put Your Records On. This mellowing slow paced song was both gentle and lovely. The way they harmonise together was spot on. “This next one I wrote, It was a B side to Glorious” Catherine said before launching into the bonus track City On Fire. This song is very uptempo and very powerful at the same time. Why this song did not make it onto You & I leaves me puzzled. “We thought (the tour) it would be fun but we found it to be really boring” Catherine said before closing the night with Boring.  This song featured on the last album Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge. It is really different from anything on the album You & I. For this song both Catherine and Allison were swaying about. Still this song capped off what was an amazing night.


Love You More
I Will Not Be Forgotten
Drag You Down
Space And Time
You’ll Be Mine
Sticks And Stones
The Good Samaritan
Close My Eyes
Kissing You Goodbye
We Are Stars


I Put Your Records On
City On Fire

OVERALL: This was a fantastic night with wonderful support. Both nights were entirely different for starters it felt as if there was some air conditioning. Also the audience seemed to be more up for it compared to the first night. I really hope it is not that long until I see The Pierces again.


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