The Pierces @ Bush Hall 15th June 2011

The Pierces had been on a jaunt of the UK which culminated with two nights in London. Bush Hall was the choice of venue and the band had previously played there as part of the New To Q sessions in January. This night sold out and unfortunately I missed out on a ticket so I decided to purchase one ticket for the 2nd night. Knowing that the support was amazing I really wanted to be at this st night. So I then got in contact with Bush Hall to find out that they keep some tickets back and issue them on a 1st come 1st serve basis. Knowing this made me turn up at the venue 3 hours before doors. Considering when I got in contact with the venue was 1 month ago so it was a bit nerve racking to know whether there would be any tickets. Thankfully there were. So eventually purchased my ticket whilst people who had tickets passed me into the actual hall. For some reason they let the photographers in first which was extremely poor. What rights do photographers have to jump the queue (rant over). Once I got inside I managed to get front centre as my friend had his elbows on the speakers. The first row was completely full with photographers. It wasn’t that long until the first artist on the night took to the stage and this being Liverpudlian Delta Maid.

Opening up the set was Broken Branches. This steady paced song was blues heavy. Delta aka Katie Foulkes was just by herself this time and you could see in the performance that she is enjoying every single moment. I actually can see shades of Dolly Parton and there was a country vibe to the song. The sickly sweet All I Dreamed followed on. Katie mentioned about being a big country fan before playing the song. Her vocals were sublime and I was completely stood in awe while listening to this incredible music. “I put this song in the set for a good while now, it’s a little different with the fact it’s a inspirational blues song rather than a pessimistic one” Foulkes said before getting stuck into the unique take on Eric Bibbs Don’t Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down. The take on this song was extremely upbeat and she definately put her own stamp of originality on this track. You could sense the Blues twang and the passion in this song. Foulkes seemed really comfortable being on the stage by herself delivering these acoustic Blues tracks at ease. Dance With My Broken Heart followed staight after you could pick up on the fact she was putting everything into this song. Katie’s vocals were simply breathtaking and this song was really lovely. “This one was written a couple of years ago when I was working in a hospital in Manchester, It is about a girl I used to work with, She always made me feel bad for feeling bad” Katie told the audience before dedicating it to the girl from Wythenshawe Hospital. This song was the upbeat Anyway I Want To. It sounded beautiful and there is a steady pace to this song. It was sung faultlessly and the lyrics were amazing. Spend A Little Time was the final song of the set. “I was horrified to hear they wouldn’t mind bagging a footballer or someone had a lot of money” Katie said reffering to friends of hers. Still this upbeat light hearted song was very quirky and there is a Blues/ Country twang to it. Katie is definately someone to keep your eye on as she has huge potential. It is ashame that she was the first on as not many people where inside the venue by the time she had started to play. You could see that Foulkes was enjoying delivering her infectious tunes to the audience and based from that set she wouldn’t have a problem when it comes to headlining her ver own tour.


Broken Branches
All I Dreamed
Don’t Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down
Dance With My Broken Heart
Anyway I Want To
Spend A Little Time

Second on the night was Alice Gold who hails from London. Now Gold was wearing three inch wedges and it is a surprise she did not stumble and fall especially given the fact she was wearing a long wrap around which looked like a cape. She came on at 8.30 and opened up the set by playing Seasons Change on her guitar. Now this was a powerful song and I could definately see traces of Coco Sumner as well as Lissie. Still Alice put everything into this song it definately showed the audience her vocals were back after having to pull out the Bristol gig two days earlier. “Thankyou, How we doing” Alice said before getting stuck into Runaway Love. Now this was an infectious song with some upbeat lyrics. How Long Have These Streets Been Empty?  was next and I really liked the upbeat lyrics to this song it is definately one I am looking forward to hearing the mastered version of. “This next song is called And I’ll Be There and it is a really special song” Gold said before launching into the strong And I’ll Be There. This was a fantastic song with a mellowing chorus which was belted out. The ending of this song was infused with the upbeat Conversations Of Love which is a cracking track which was delivered powerfully. The crowd erupted with applause after Gold had delivered this powerful song. “This is our next single Cry Cry Cry” Gold said before delivering a faultless performance of this song. Now Cry Cry Cry is a fantastic infectious song. I liked the lyric “Cry, Cry, Cry, Cry, Those beautiful blue eyes”. This song does deserve to do really well because find it to be really amazing. “We are going to slow it down, This is a love song” Alice said before they got stuck into penultimate song Sadness Is Coming. This was a beautiful song because it was soft and gentle. Alice had put her guitar down for this song showcasing her incredible vocals. Sadness was coming other than being the penultimate song of the set this was also the penultimate Pierces gig. The current single Orbiter closed what was a fantastic 30 minute set. “Thankyou so much for listening, I’m Alice Gold for those who don’t know keep in touch” Gold said before playing the final song. This last song blew me away and it was very uptempo. It is clear to see that Alice is enjoying performing to audiences. The set was a taster of what to expect from forthcoming album Seven Rainbows and judging from this 30 minute performance everyone needs to own a copy. Yes there ares comparisons between Lissie and I Blame Coco but Gold is a phenomenal artist in her own right. I am positive by the end of the night Alice Gold had gained alot more fans.


Seasons Change
Runaway Love
How Long Have These Streets Been Empty?
And I’ll Be There
Conversations Of Love
Cry Cry Cry
Sadness Is Coming

Birmingham, Alabama’s very own The Pierces headline Bush Hall for the 2nd time within a year. The sister duo are Catherine and Allison Pierce and it was lovely to see them play at a intimate venue. The lighting was actually quite decent for this set compared to Delta’s and Alice’s. It was pitch black when they made their entrance onto the stage. “Hello” Catherine said the moment they got on stage. Love You More featured on the self titled EP  which was released last year. Catherine mainly sung this song with Allison providing the harmonies. This song was very strong and it was one Catherine just belted out. I really liked the opening chords of the guitar just as the song starts. After plenty of applause it was then into I Will Not Be Forgotten which sounded beautiful. Also the harmonising between the sisters was amazing and spot on. This was a wonderful gentle folk song which was superbly sung. “Thankyou, So it’s good to be back in London” Catherine then said to the audience before launching themselves into Drag You Down. Again their vocals gel together which results in a fantastic song. The lyrics were fantastic and I especially liked the opening verse. “It is getting hot in here, can someone open up the windows” Catherine said before starting the next song Space & Time. There was a false start but the band recovered to deliver this excellent song which I witnessed live for the first time. There was so much energy put into the song and it showcased Allison’s vocals perfectly. “This next song some of you know as the 1 2 3 song” Catherine said before they both get stuck into the beautiful powerful You’ll Be Mine. This song was very uptempo and uplifting at the same time. It was also the title of the recent EP which was released March 7th. After Catherine says they would appreciate some foot stomping and clapping for Sticks And Stones. This song which comes from the bands last album Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge is actually really infectious and has a furious pace at the same time. Straight after it was onto a ballad and this being The Good Samaritan. The hall was plunged into complete silence for this lovely song. Now getting complete silence it a feat that is rarely acheived. Basically I was stood in awe just hearing this song for the first time. There was no use of the band it was just Allison, her guitar and Catherine. I actually had a chill go up my spine. After there was a rapture of applause and Catherine then went onto say “My beautiful sister Allison wrote that one”. It was then into Close My Eyes which showed massive potential and it was extremely upbeat. The band joined in for this song after it had just been Allison and Catherine for the last track. “This next song was one of the rare occasions me and Catherine wrote together, we don’t usually do that as it ends up in a argument” Allison said before they start playing the powerful Kissing You Goodbye. There was so much energy put into this song. “Who here has ever really kept a secret” Catherine said and after a couple of people raised their hands. Secret was next on the night and this is probably the most mainstream song due to the fact it has been played in some TV shows. Well this song is about how nobody can keep a secret. The song itself is extremely haunting when you carefully listen to the lyrics. Come to think about it, Secret is a dark song which was delivered superbly. “This next song is one of my favourites that Catherine has written and it is called We Are Stars and it’s about how we are all made of the same stuff” Allison then said before the beautiful We Are Stars. This song was beautiful, very light and smooth as well. I loved the lyrics especially the chorus. After Catherine introduced the backing band before ending the night with the most recent single Glorious which Allison dedicates to everyone in the audience. This capped off what had been a magical night. Both Catherine and Alison sang this powerful song which was delivered remarkably. Once the band had finished they left the stage only to result in plenty of applause until they made their return. “Since you asked nicely, we don’t have anything prepared” Allison said before launching into the lovely I Put Your Records On. This song is so dreamy and soothing. The way they harmonise together is amazing. “This song was a B side to the song Glorious” Catherine said before launching into City On Fire. It has a fast pace and how it didn’t make the album cut I do not know. Ending the night was Boring which featured on the last album Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge. I actually really liked this song as it is very different fron material on the current album You & I. Well Boring was something this gig was not.


Love You More
I Will Not Be Forgotten
Drag You Down
Space And Time
You’ll Be Mine
Sticks And Stones
The Good Samaritan
Close My Eyes
Kissing You Goodbye
We Are Stars


I Put Your Records On
City On Fire

OVERALL: This was a fantastic gig but the warm conditions did put a slight dampener on the evening. Also the lights during Delta and Alice’s set were too bright. Still the support acts were brilliant I would definately want to see more of them. As for The Pierces this was their first headline tour in conjunction with album You & I. I have only seen this band play 3 times before and I will say this was the best live performance despite the boiling hot conditions.


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