Hanson – 5 of 5 London – Shout It Out – Night 5 @ KCLSU 10th June 2011

It seemed like the earlier I turned up the further back in the queue I was. This time I arrived at 4.45am which is the earliest I have attended a gig. This was the final night and I expected people to be camping out just to be first in the queue. So when I reached the KCLSU I expected to be about 15ish in line. I was surprised to find myself numbered 27 considering the time I turned up. The girl in front of me got to the venue at 3.45am whilst the first two arrived at 5.30pm the prior night. So when I was there I saw three tents and people sleeping in sleeping bags or with blankets. Actually the time went very quickly cosidering I was sitting on a pavement for 13 hours. The promise of a walk did happen. It was mentioned on twitter then the official site that The Walk would take place at 12pm outside KCLSU. I didn’t know whether to go or not as I was by myself and would I lose my space when people turn up when people have gone on the walk? I guess plenty of people had the same though cross their mind. In the end I decided to go for it. How many times will I get to walk with Hanson? It probably won’t happen ever again. So just before 12pm everyone had to sign up to say that they were taking part in what was the first ever walk in London. The idea behind this was to walk barefoot but I decided not to as it was tipping down with rain. Plenty of people had their umbrellas open sheltering from the rain. The route everyone took was round the Embankment ending back at the KCLSU. This was a one mile walk and the band even took part bare foot. So you had people trying to catch up with Isaac, Taylor and Zac so they could have a chat with them. Even though I was with Zac then Taylor I just decided to hold back and let other people talk. Still this was a real experience and Taylor’s speech when everyone got underneath the bridge was inspiring. Infact he also said he thought he trod on some broken glass. So once it was over everyone signed up again so Hanson could sponsor us a dollar for our chosen option. I ticked the first box which was for cleaner water. After the walk was over it was then a freezing cold wait till the doors opened. I had some newpaper which I put on the ground so I didn’t get wet. Words cannot describe how cold it actually was and the rain didn’t help matters. Probably I should of worn something a bit warmer but then again I was going to boil inside.

The doors opened and this night I decided to take the stairs. It felt like I was dying inside after I ran up 6 flights of stairs. Thankfully I got a spot 2nd row stage left. Basically it was near enough the same spot I was in all week. The story behind Shout It Out was really interesting but it was the performance later that evening which blew me away. “To the final night of 5 of 5” Isaac said to the crowd as soon as the three made their entrance. Kicking off this final night was Waiting For This and the atmosphere was simply electric. This song was rather energetic and it was clear to see that they were putting everything into putting on a superb performance. It was then straight into Thinkin’ ‘Bout Somethin’ which nearly everyone was singing along to. Once the screams were over after  the song ended it was then onto Kiss Me When You Come Home. This is a song you could dance to. I especially liked the chorus and it was no surprise that people were singing along. Tou can tell that the band have matured greatly since they first set the charts alight back in 1997. For starters they are all happily married with children. Carry You There was a beautiful song which starts off at a slow pace until the first verse. The way they harmonise for the chorus was incredible. “I’m so excited to finish it with brand new music” Taylor said before launching into the powerful Give A Little. This song was a crowd pleaser and the chorus is really infectious. The guys really did put their heart and soul into this song. It was then onto Make It Out Alive which got some cheers the moment the song started up. This song was a real crowd pleaser. The lyrics are fantastic and the hook “We may not make it out alive / but what does it matter when you’re here by my side?” is gorgeous. It was then onto the Zac song And I Waited. This upbeat song had a furious tempo and I would say it’s one of my favourite songs off the album.

“You guys enjoying the show so far” Taylor said to plenty of screams. Well the next song was yet another Zac song and this being Use Me Up. This piano driven song is ever so beautiful and is the first ballad on the album. Taylor and Isaac were huddled over the one microphone for the harmonising. After it was onto the upbeat These Walls. The lyrics were really infectious as well. Zac then takes to the vocals for Musical Ride. This song was sung powerfully. They then went into penultimate song Voice In The Chorus straight away. I really liked this song. The chorus was very upbeat and every joined along to it. Ending the night was the final ballad off the album. This being Me Myself And I. Zac was off the drums for this song. “It’s been an amazing last five nights” Taylor said before they sung this final song. The only instrument used was the piano. This song sounded amazing it was stripped back and I felt chills going up my spine. The way they harmonise is astounding. The band the stage only to come back moments later for what was to be an incredible encore. First up was the Isaac led Hold On, I’m Coming. This cover version sounded incredible. The night came to a close with Rock ‘N’ Roll Razorblade which sounded incredible. Everyone was literally going wild for the last song. They put everything into this song. Right at the end Zac jumped off the drums and even took off the cymbals.


Waiting For This
Thinkin’ ‘Bout Somethin’
Kiss Me When You Come Home
Carry You There
Give A Little
Make It Out Alive
And I Waited
Use Me Up
These Walls
Musical Ride
Voice In The Chorus
Me Myself And I


Hold On, I’m Coming
Rock ‘N’ Roll Razorblade

OVERALL: This week was definately memorable. All in on there was 71 songs 4 encores over 5 nights. That’s not bad going and I think everyone was sad it came to a end but what a finale. The 5 of 5 concert series was memorable and also it wins the title of being the earliest I have gotten to a concert. It seemed like the majority of the fanbase that attended were European. It was very surreal having people from all across the world coming together for one band. It did seem that the earlier I started queueing the further back I was. If I started queueing from 4am for the first 4 nights I would of been towards the front. Well I am thankful for the viewing positions I had for each night. I was tempted to go onto the balcony for the last night because everyone would be vying for the front. I am glad I didn’t and even though I did not reach the barrier I did make 2nd Row. If I was way back now that would of spoiled it for me. I like my music and not being able to see taints it. As for what I witnessed each night was amazing and the stories were very interesting. It was nice hearing Middle Of Nowhere again and hearing This Time Around/ The Walk made me find a brand new appreciation for these album. Memories came flooding back when hearing Middle Of Nowhere live. By te time that was released in 1997 I was ending Year 8 at school. I would say Underneath is my favourite album and hearing it live was incredible there were so many great songs on it. If I was to pick my favourite night it wasn’t Underneath it was the newest album Shout It Out. Hanson’s 5th album had just come out and the performance was electric and the crowd loved every minute. Taylor, Isaac and Zac put everything into delivering an outstanding performance. Also the walk in the afternoon was a complete bonus.


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