Hanson – 5 of 5 London – The Walk – Night 4 @ KCLSU 8th June 2011

The penultimate night of 5 of 5 was probably the one that was most memorable for only one thing. My day started very early in the morning which was a 4am wake up call then a night bus then tube to the venue. So at 5.45am I was outside the KCLSU sitting on the pavement with another 21 fans in front of me. I was hoping to be nearer the door but this wasn’t to be the case. In fact I was number 22 in the queue. As time rolled on people started to wait around the corner in anticipation. Around 1pm the taxi which Taylor, Isaac and Zac were in pulled up and went down the alleyway for deliveries. The taxi dropped them off right beside the dressing room door and the moment they got out Zac started to head to the front where the hoardes of people were. Taylor and Isaac then joined which then resulted with alot of people (mainly girls) wanting items signed and to get a photo. With the fact they only had a limited amount of time (as they needed to soundcheck) did make it a little manic. I can’t speak for anyone else but I am sure this was one of the many highlights of this week. So fast forward to around 6.30pm and the doors finally opened. This time I got in the lift, I was very close to taking the stairs as it took a while for the lift to move. Once inside the venue I opted to go on Isaac’s side once again only this didn’t happen and I found myself 2nd row but dead centre. The story behind this record was actually really interesting and inspiring at the same time. They recounted about when they went over to Africa. Once they had told the story they then took a couple of questions. I remember one question being about compiling music and layering them on Garage Band. Taylor actually said after the question that it was going really deep. So after these questions the non story ticket holders came in.

“Hello” Taylor said as soon as he had graced the stage. The very moment they were all on stage they launched into the intro Ngi Ne Themba (I Have Hope) which then directly led into Great Divide. This was sung powerfully and you could sense the energy that went into it. “Welcome to night number 4” Taylor said before launching into Been Here Before. Nearly everyone was singing along to this song, it is very gentle (compared to Great Divide) and the lyrics are extremely infectious. So after plenty of cheers it was then onto the beautiful Georgia. This song turned out to be a real crowd pleaser. Straight after started the claps just as they started to play Watch Over Me. The band have definately matured since 1997. The song was delivered perfectly by Isaac. After plenty of screams it was then into  Running Man. This song had a strong chorus and was very uptempo at the same time. The song showed of Zac’s stunning vocals with the other two joining in for the chorus. This song was a real crowd pleaser and there was alot of energy from this song. “Four nights in a row. Thanks for being with us” Taylor said before they launched into the beautiful song Go. This slow song was delivered with plenty of passion and is a lovely ballad as well. Once over it was straight into Fire On The Mountain. When the song was over it did garner alot of cheers. There was a false start before One More and a couple of people laughed but it didn’t matter because everyone was having a fantastic time. This was a steady paced song which had lyrics that were delivered beautifully. It was then onto Blue Sky which everyone went wild for. This uptempo and upbeat song had fantastic lyrics and a strong chorus. Blue Sky was packed with bundles of energy and the crowd were even joining along. Everyone sang along to Tearing It Down which was delivered ever so strongly and was extremely uptempo as well. Both lyrics and chorus are infectious and they gel together with the melody perfectly.

“I think that’s the 3rd time we’ve ever played that song” Isaac said before Something Going Round. I loved the powerful chorus to this song. “These are the first shows we have ever played to a set list” Taylor said before Your Illusion. “You guys broke the bass” Zac said to the crowd. Your Illusion is a beautiful song and is the penultimate song off the album The Walk. There was plenty of passion throughout this song and it was played at complete strength. The night came to a conclusion with Zac once again ending this album. Taylor and Isaac left the stage leaving Zac by himself on the piano for the ballad The Walk. This song was ever so beautiful and soothing at the same time. Zac definately has a talent for playing piano I am hoping for more piano led Zac songs in the future. “That’s The Walk” Zac then said after the song was over. Once over it was then onto a extra song which was special and sent shivers up my spine at the same time. This was Change In My Life which was sung as a acapella and was delivered at pure perfection. Taylor, Isaac and Zac were all huddled over the one microphone singing this song with a gospel vibe which was sung with complete passion and was ever so strong at the same time.

It was no surprise that there was a eruption of cheers and applause after this song. The promise of a Walk in London did make the week alot sweeter. Taylor mentioned at the end check the website for details of our first London walk. So once over I then made my way out of the venue after having witnessed something incredible. The guys definately put their heart and soul into this gig considering they mmust of been really tired with doing 4 nights in a row. There was some technical hitches but this didn’t matter because all the fans were there to appreciate this stunning album.


Ngi Ne Themba (I Have Hope)
Great Divide
Been There Before
Watch Over Me
Running Man
Fire On The Mountain
One More
Blue Sky
Tearing It Down
Something Going Round
Your Illusion
The Walk


Change In My Life


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