Hanson – 5 of 5 London – Underneath – Night 3 @ KCLSU 7th June 2011

Underneath has to be my favourite Hanson album so the prospect of hearing it live was pretty exciting. I arrived outside the venue around 9.30am there were just over 30 people in front of me. This was also the hottest day of the week which resulted in me getting sunburnt.  The doors opened a little after 6.30pm. So once people started to filter through and then get in the lift up to the 4th floor. I however was not in the first batch of people to get in the lift. It actually became overloaded and people were reluctant to get out. I was originally going to stay but after seeing a couple of people run to go up the stairs made me reconsider. So I ran up the stairs passing people who were originally behind me. So I got to the 4th floor only to run into the door handle. At this very moment my eye socket is still bruised a little. So I then got into the venue in stitches after I had ran up 6 flights of stairs. The position I was in was 2nd row in front on Isaac’s side. The Story of Underneath was really interesting as they talked about setting up 3CG and bits that weren’t on the Strong Enough To Break DVD. Underneath was the album that survived. “We wrote a song about killing one of our managers cats and change the lyrics that became Misery”  Zac revealed to the crowd. The original opening line was “This Time I’m Gonna Kill Your Cat”. Also Penny & Me was the last song recorded and the label never responded to the demo they sent. I never realised how funny the guys actually are.

90 minutes passed and then the crowd erupted the moment they got onstage. There was no introduction as they launched into the album opener Strong Enough To Break. This song was sung with plenty of energy and the rest of the crowd were loving this song. The song itself was the title of the documentary DVD which was originally going to be titled Your Illusion. It was then onto Dancin’ In The Wind a song which everyone was singing along to. The band gave a electric performance of the song and everyone really enjoyed it. “Album Number 3” Taylor said before going onto say that the next song was about loving music. Cue another massive sing along and this being the mellowing Penny & Me. Where as the song gets stronger when the song progresses it is also very soothing at the same time. Whenever I hear this song I immediately think of the summer. The albums title track was up next. Underneath was a gentle song which is really luscious and soothing at the same time. “The next song is dedicated to the feline lovers” Isaac then told the packed audience. People who entered for just the show probably thought what does he mean? But Isaac was making a reference to what was said during the story. Misery was mainly sung by Zac and showcased his vocals perfectly. Straight away they launched themselves into the 2nd single from Underneath and this being Lost Without Each Other. The crowd were going wild to this song and hanging onto every word of this song. I have to say this has to be one of my favourite songs from the album and has delicious verses plus a ever so strong uptempo chorus.

“Well normally after a song like that we would follow it with something more upbeat, but we are playing the record” Isaac then went onto say to the crowd. When You’re Gone was next up and this was a lovely song which was sung perfectly. “This was a really important song for this record” Zac told the crowd before launching into the piano driven Broken Angel. Taylor was on the drums for this song and pulled a funny face just when Zac started play the piano. This song was beautiful, gentle, soothing and mellowing. There was actually a dash of emotion throughout this song. There were plenty of screams after then the band launched into the wonderful song Deeper. This has to be my favourite album track from Underneath. The crowd were loving this song and unfortunately Michelle Branch did not make an appearence. I really liked the lyrics the verses are amazing and the chorus is infectious. Once the song was over they launched themselves into Get Up And Go straight away. This song was delivered with plenty of energy and it was very powerful at the same time. It was then onto Crazy Beautiful which acheived some screams before the song started. There was a slight beat to this song and everyone around me were chanting away to the lyrics of this song. “You guys are a amazing audience” Taylor said to the crowd before launching into the song with a one word title. The song being Hey and this was the penultimate song on the album. This was the first time I had heard this song live and it was incredible. The energy from the crowd was full flowing and Hanson delivered what was to be a spotless performance of the song. Once over it was then onto a quiet song. This being the closing number on the album Believe. Before the song started a girl fainted and Zac made up a little song which was hilarious. This powerful song had beautiful lyrics which I completely adored. So that was it the album was over. Taylor and Isaac left the stage leaving Zac by the piano ready to play the hidden track Lulla Belle. This song was sweet, beautiful, soft and mellowing all the same time . It is so nice to see Zac have his own solo songs and his vocals have most definately matured over the years. There was a rapturous applause once it was over. So Zac then went off stage and I was not expecting an encore but we got one. This was something completely different and the song being Crazy Beautiful (Reprise).


Strong Enough To Break
Dancin’ In The Wind
Penny & Me
Lost Without Each Other
When You’re Gone
Get Up And Go
Crazy Beautiful
Lulla Belle


Crazy Beautiful (Reprise)


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