Hanson – 5 of 5 London – This Time Around – Night 2 @ KCLSU 6th June 2011

For the second day I arrived outside the venue slightly earlier. 9.30am to be exact and I still had 19 people in front of me. The time spent in the queue went by rather quickly. Well this night was to be This Time Around in its full entirety. To be honest this was my least favourite album out of the 5. But hearing it played live made me rediscover my love for it. The doors opened a little later than 6.30pm and when they did I decided to stick with my new found friends near Taylor’s piano. Once again the story behind the record proved to be really interesting and so were the questions that were asked. They revealed that Runaway Run would of been the 4th single and the mysterious voice at the end of If Only was infact John Popper. Once the story was over it was then a break and the people who had normal tickets came pouring through the doors. Introducing the band was Fearne Cotton from Radio 1. As soon as they took to the stage everyone went crazy. “Hello London. We going to make some noise together tonight” Taylor said before introducing the album “This is a little album called This Time Around”. Things kicked off with You Don’t Know which was delivered powerfully. Like the previous night people were singing along and cheering at pointed during the song. Once over they then launched into the most mainstream song on this album and this being the infectious If Only. This song showed off Taylor’s skills playing the piano, harmonica and also singing. There was a mistake during this song this being the fact Taylor came in too early. Even this mistake was noticeable it didn’t matter because every single fan in the venue enjoyed every single second of it.

“We’re warming things up tonight. So excited you guys are here with us at night 2 of 5 of 5 London” Taylor said before launching into the softer song This Time Around. It actually got alot stronger as the song progressed and I am surprised it never acheived a UK release. Isaac also had his own part within this song. “Are you guys glad to be here tonight” Taylor then said to alot of screams. “We were once told that the 4 tracks on this guitar of this particular song were not quite tight enough” Isaac said before the band launched into Runaway Run. The uptempo powerful chorus is my favourite part of this song. Plenty of energy was oozing from this song. It was then onto a slower song and this was Save Me. Taylor’s vocals were extroadinary and the harmonising was spot on. After plenty of applause it was then onto the upbeat Dying To Be Alive. Literally everyone was singing along to this song. I really like the verses of this song. “Are you guys having a good time” Taylor said before launching into the uptempo Can’t Stop. People then went crazy for Wish I Was There. This song was sung with plenty of energy and Zac’s microphone stand collapsed but continued to sing after stage hands were frantically taping it up so it didn’t fall again. The beautiful Love Song was up next. This soft song is mellowing and soothing at the same time. Isaac mainly sings and in fact it reminds me of At Christmas which appeared on the Snowed In album.

Sure About It followed on straight away and this was a uptempo song which had brilliant verses and a strong/ powerful chorus. “What a night tonight” Taylor went onto say just after the band had finished Sure About It. The next song was Hand In Hand which is about cheating girlfriends. This was a powerful song with some amazing guitar riffs from Isaac. Now In The City was literally a song everyone went crazy for. The atmosphere was electric and the band gave an energetic performance of this song. Everyone around me was jumping up and down singing the song. The night ended with Song To Sing. Before launching into the song Taylor mentioned that they were in plans to come back to the UK in the Fall. Again this was another soft song which was sung by everyone in the crowd. It was really beautiful, soothing and mellowing at the same time. Once over the band exited the stage. Many people thought there would be an encore but this wasn’t going to happen. So when everyone realised they weren’t coming back I made my way to the merch desk and purchased the 5 of 5 NYC box set.


You Don’t Know
If Only
This Time Around
Runaway Run
Save Me
Dying To Be Alive
Can’t Stop
Wish That I Was There
Love Song
Sure About It
Hand In Hand
In The City
Song To Sing


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