Hanson – 5 of 5 London – Middle Of Nowhere – Night 1 @ KCLSU 5th June 2011

Hanson turned back the hands of time and performed their debut album Middle Of Nowhere and sung it in its entirety to fans from all over the world. My day started at 10am. Initially I was planning on leaving at 11am but after seeing pictures on Facebook showing people had been queueing since 9am made me chose to leave straight away. I didn’t reach the KCSLU until 11.30am I received my number in the queue and waited till the doors opened at 6.30pm. I was the 43rd person in the queue and I knew for sure that I wasnt going to get barrier. In fact the barrier eluded me over the 5 nights. This was the first time I had seen Hanson play live. I had been a fan ever since they hit #1 with MMMBop it fact I have been a fan of the band for half of my life. I was by myself but thankfully the fans in front of me were really nice which resulted in the time going by fast. Actually the queue was mainly girls whom had grown up with there music. There were guys but not near the front (come to think about it there was one guy who was near the front of the queue). I purchased a ticket to this special event just for the music I had no intention of making friends. But over the 5 nights I got to meet wonderful fans and I made some wonderful friends whom I will always be in contact with. Also it was really organised the bands sisters were working for them for this event. There was a delay in collecting the tickets as originally it was 1pm but then changed to 4pm. When I went in there was a slight problem as they could not find my name on the list. The girl said I remember you upgraded then just added my name to the list and everything was sorted. Around 6.30pm the doors opened. I opted for the story because I was intrigued to hear how each album was made (also we could stay inside the venue). So once inside I managed to get 2nd row in front of Isaac which turned out to be really good. The Story is actually all a blur apart from some certain bits. I loved the fact they started from the very start. They actually sung a little sung a little bit of the chorus to Rain which everyone participated in singing. They mentioned that Lonely Boy was going to be called Lonely Man, how the chorus of Boomerang and MMMBop were meant to go together but they realised you can’t put a chorus underneath another chorus and if it sounded the songs were getting slower towards the end of Boomerang it was because they were getting tired. Also when they were signed Taylor was annoyed as he wanted to be signed at a younger age than Michael Jackson.  After telling the story of Middle Of Nowhere they then took a few questions from the audience. I remember one question was related to Yearbook. After the guys then went offstage it was then a long wait until they returned for the debut album in its full glory.

So it begins” Taylor mentioned to the crowd as he stepped onto the stage. “Welcome to 5 of 5 London… This is Middle Of Nowhere” Isaac said to the packed crowd before launching into Thinking Of You. The song itself was a massive sing along. It actually seemed surreal as I was watching them live for the first time after following the bands career for 14 years. Thinking Of You was packed with enthusiasm and energy. It felt as I was listening to the record in my CD player. The atmosphere from the crowd was simply electric. So after plenty of applause it was then onto the #1 single MMMBop which did gain a couple of screams. Everyone again was singing along especially to the catchy chorus. This song was a real crowd pleaser and Hanson gave a perfect performance of it. “It’s a great night to be in London” Taylor said before thanking the people who came far and wide to be at this special event. Weird was next and this is one of the many ballads off the album. It was delivered beautifully and it did conjure up so many memories. After it was then onto the rockier Speechless. Taylor actually swung his microphone around and the stand almost ended up in the crowd. So once the song was over it was then onto the 2nd single Where’s The Love which was filmed in London. This has to be one of my favourite Hanson tracks from this album. The crowd went wild for this song and it was delivered faultlessly. “We’re so excited that this is 1 of 5 nights we’re going to be here in London. We’re playing this like you guys have first heard it” Taylor said to the crowd. It was then onto Yearbook was performed live on their 10th Anniversary back in 2007. The song which was delivered perfectly is both eerie and dark at the same time. One question that is on your mind after hearing the song is Where Did Johnny Go? In fact Johnny doesn’t even exist. “After 15 years we still haven’t found him” Zac joked with the crowd after the song was over. The rockier Look At You followed on and at the end saw Zac trying to channel his inner 11 year old. Someone actually asked a question in the story and said it sounds like Zac says Sex and Drugs during that part of the song.

The ever so beautiful Lucy was next and this song was delivered pefectly by Zac. The song is mellow and soothing at the same time. I Will Come To You turned out to be another sing along. A Minute Without You was next and Isaac mentioned that the 1440 hours in my day part is actually Hansontime. This song was infectious especially the chorus. A rapture of cheers then followed once the song was over. The upbeat Madeline was next on the night and the harmonising was fantastic. Plus the chorus was powerful and everyone joined in with singing the song. “You can’t boo the album its already been done” Taylor said to the crowd as the night was drawing to a close. With You In Your Dreams is about 16/17 years old and Isaac said it has just got its driving licence. I must admit this song is full of emotion. The crowd participated with clapping along and singing the oh ohs. Isaac then did a countdown from 13 – 21 and then the band launched themselves into the final song of the album this being the hidden track Man From Milwaukee. This song sounded incredible live Zac even did his bit without the aid of a megaphone. Once the song was over the band mae their exit only to returned for the encore and this being a cover of Gimme Some Lovin’. This song provided the perfect closing to what was the start of what was to be an amazing week. When the band finished the song Taylor jumped off the stage and thanked people at the front for coming. I even got to shake Taylor’s hand which was something.


Thinking Of You
Where’s The Love
Look At You
I Will Come To You
A Minute Without You
With You In Your Dreams
Man From Milwaukee


Gimme Some Lovin’


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