Gig Of The Month: #010 Katy Perry @ Zavvi, Oxford Street 12th November 2008

Looking back on this instore it is hard to believe the wristbands weren’t snapped up straight away. If you go to HMV you would expect wristbands to go the minute the doors open especially if it is a high profiled artist. Well on Monday 10 th November I ventured all the way to Zavvi on Oxford Street to get a wristband to see Katy Perry who was going to perform and sign in conjunction with her album One Of The Boys. I arrived at 9.10am and it may have been a wise decision to get them at the start of the week as the instore was two days later. Actually I thought all the wristbands would of gone considering it said you can pick them up from the Monday and Katy already had two sold out gigs plus a Number One single. So after collecting two purple wristbands I then ventured all the way back home to start work at 10am.

The Wednesday came I arrived about 2.30 expecting there to be more people waiting but there was no one. Not all the allocation of wristbands had been snapped up. The instore was taking place in the basement and to kill the time I had been reading magazines and books. I remember Zavvi was playing One Of The Boys. Around 5pm people started to filter into the area. I went straight to the barrier for what would be an incredible event. Things kicked off at 7pm and the people in the audience were treated to the soundcheck. The thing I most adore was the fact the set was stripped back only three songs were sung but the signing also made up for it. The set consist of Hot ‘N’ Cold, Thinking Of You and was then wrapped up with I Kissed A Girl.we were allowed in the area.

So after the short but sweet set it was then onto the signing. Now just meeting her was incredible. Unfortunately I could not get a picture but I remember having a conversation with her. I remember mentioning that I had ordered her first CD Katy Hudson of the internet and she was like “You can still get that”. I then mentioned about going to see her at the Little Noise Sessions which led to her writing  Sam! See You Soon Of Course. Still it was an instore which was truly incredible, memorable and so special at the same time.


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