Gig Of The Month: #009 Tilly And The Wall @ ULU 25th October 2008

This was the first time I had seen this band play a full set. I previously saw them play 6 days earlier at Puregroove where they performed a 5 song set which saw them sing Tall Tall Grass, Beat Control, Pot Kettle Black, Dust Me Off and a take on A Little Respect by Erasure. The main reason I went to that instore was due to the fact I was attending the gig at ULU. If I am honest I purchased the ticket just to see Slow Club who I fell in love with straight away. So I downloaded O by Tilly and the Wall and I was extremely impressed by that 3rd album. So I went into the gig knowing more about Slow Club than Tilly and the Wall. Well Slow Club were fantastic as usual. I remember Rebecca saying that they had found a box of 2nd single Me & You which had sold out everywhere and those copies were available at the merch desk.

The set by Tilly And The Wall was only 12 songs long plus a three song encore where the band took requests. Actually the set list was written on paper plates which is what Slow Club adopted when they played at the Electric Ballroom for the Camden Crawl 2011. With three albums worth of material it was no surprise that the majority came from the current album O. I found that as I hadn’t listened to the earlier material I didn’t appreciate it as much as someone who has known of this band for years. Sometimes I like it when I hear music live for the first time because you can make a opinion whether you liked it or not. Now I loved each song played, I was so impressed with the songs they sung from albums Wild Like Children and Bottom Of Barrels so much I purchased those two albums from the merch desk. From my memories of this night I can remember Jamie tap dancing for Dust Me Off, the beautiful Tall Tall Grass where Neely and Kianna were sitting down for this song, confetti cannons for the final song Pot Kettle Black and I remember the audience really wanting them to play Fell Down The Stairs during the encore.

Tilly And The Wall whom got their name from the children’s book Tillie And The Wall are a band who I really want to see again. If you have not heard of them check this band out.


Too Exited
Freest Man
Alligator Skin
Nights of the Living Dead
Tall Tall Grass
Bad Education
Dust Me Off
Beat Control
A Little Respect
Pot Kettle Black


Sing Songs Along
Lost Girls
Fell Down The Stairs


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