Gig Of The Month: #008 Katy Perry @ Scala 24th September 2008

This was Katy’s second ever date in London. Her first had been earlier on in the year at Monto Water Rats. This gig was a sell out but did not sell out as fast as you would expect now. I remember wanting to by a ticket and they were even on Ticketweb. But as I did not have a credit card I would have to purchase the ticket from the box office. Unfortunately the day after I wasn’t feeling well so I had to put off my trip to the Scala. When I finally did take the trip into London I then found out that it had sold out. Once I found this out I then took to Facebook mentioning I was looking for a ticket. Someone contacted me saying they had a spare as the person who was going pulled out. I paid about £20 for the ticket it was slightly more than face value but it was a resonable price.

Well the day came and I can remember the queue was not as massive as it has been on her California Dreams Tour. Perry had hit #1 with I Kissed A Girl but debut album One Of The Boys only reached #11. The night was amazing and I remember she played a new song Brick By Brick as the encore which sounded amazing. I actually got the set list as I tapped on a photographers shoulder whom stayed infront of the barrier for the who set. All in all this gig was amazing it went by so fast I even enjoyed the DJ set. The set played on the night was fantastic my favourite song had to be the take on Use Your Love. Still Thinking Of You which was a super emotional acoustic ballad was incredible too. Actually when Katy came to the barrier someone who I knew got Katy’s Strawberry necklace.


One Of The Boys
Hot & Cold
Self Inflicted
Ur So Gay
If You Can Afford Me
Use Your Love
Waking Up In Vegas
Thinking Of You
I Kissed A Girl


Brick By Brick


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