Gig Of The Month: #006 The Clik Clik @ 93 Ft East 23rd July 2008

I first saw this band supporting Alphabeat on their June 2008 tour. I was really impressed by The Clik Clik’s brand of electro pop. For a support act to captivate you straight away is something very rare. The Clik Clik were Stefan Abingdon (19, vocals & guitar), Maya Yianni (20, vocals & keyboards), Henry Bauckham (18, bass) and Dru Wakely (21, drums). Sadly the bamd are no longer with us as they split up and I expected them to be my big tip for 2008.

Well this gig what I remember from it is waiting outside because the doors to the gig had not opened yet. I was waiting by the bit where it had benches laid out. I saw the band arrive back at the venue but at that time I was to shy to approach them. In the end I found out that I was waiting in the wrong place and needed to use the front entrance. The Clik Clik were the third band on and the set that they played was 8 songs long. These included the infectious Did You Wrong but for some reason My Dunks was omitted from the set.

After that day I was hoping to see them live again as they were absolutely incredible. Ashame that was never to happen and with the split no album was released. The Clik Clik were one amazing band as well. I remember seeing on Youtube a gig they did at a swimming pool.


Can’t Take You Anywhere
Did You Wrong
How You Move
This Is The Life
Little L
Best Shot
Went To A Party


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