Elisha Bayliff – Words Are Not Enough

Following in the footsteps of Kate McGill and Gabrielle Aplin is Elisha Bayliff. Hailing from Weymouth Bayliff only released her debut EP Words Are Not Enough on 13th May. Other than being an exceptional recording artist Bayliff is also a talented song writer and that shines through on this wonderful 6 track EP.

Words Are Not Enough kicks off with the beautiful Counting Footsteps. The piano is very prominent during this song, plus there is guitar and glockenspiel. When the piano gets heavier and it actually feels darker. Still this song was amazing actually you can pick up traces of Ellie Goulding and Kate McGill. This is folk music at its best. It is hard to believe Elisha hasn’t been snapped up. From the first song I clearly picked up on a passion. It is then onto Behind And Inbetween and the guitar featured prominently in this song. It sounds alot different to the opeing number. This song is more upbeat and perkier. Now I’m Sorry is one song I imagine would be amazing to hear live. This acoustic song is delivered at a steady pace. I actually found the song to be slightly depressing to begin with. But as the song progressed the song got stronger and showed glimmers of promise. Bayliff is a formidable songwriter. Won’t Break is the next track on the EP. Now this song is both strong and very light. You can pick up on the folk vibe straight away plus there is a steady pace as well. Also on another note the harmonising was spot on. The penultimate song being Glory. Actually this song really surprised me. At the very start I was not sure of the song but as it progressed the song got stronger and sounded incredible. The lyrics were pure genius and fitted well with the melody of the song. This 6 track EP ended with the title track Words Are Not Enough. On first listen the song sounds alot deeper compared to the other 5 songs on this EP. The lyrics are ever so beautiful and touching at the same time. Plus it showed you that you don’t need to write songs consiting of more than 1 verse to create something amazing.

After my first listen to this EP I can say it is really impressive. It showcases Elisha’s vocal ability plus her talent to write her own songs. Now I completely admire artists who write their own songs. The EP Words Are Not Enough is pure perfection and it’s packed with tons of promise. You can clearly pick up on her passion. Bayliff wants to carve out a career in the music industry and judging by this the signs look good. Even though she is not signed yet she has her EP which she can use as a promotional tool.


Counting Footsteps
Behind And Inbetween
I’m Sorry
Won’t Break
Words Are Not Enough

Words Are Not Enough is available to purchase on Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/words-are-not-enough-ep/id435354446

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/elishabayliff


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  1. Emily says:


    1. Sarah says:

      Buy it!! Made me cry at first listen… haunting but really uplifting at the same time 🙂 Catch her while you can for such a small price xxx

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